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Truth about marriage: Another man finds out his wife was a Whore for Everyone but him
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Burning Desire
I always look for that gleam in their eyes of natural burning desire.

On a first date, I often go for a random kiss as a test to gauge whether the burning desire exists.

Do they passionately kiss back or do I get a lukewarm kiss? (If I get rejected altogether, that's the end of the date for me).

Passionate = a great bang likely awaits that same night. If I don't get it that night, it's going down in the next date or two for sure. High likelihood of a mini-LTR/LTR if I want it.

Lukewarm = Maybe I'll get the bang, maybe in a few dates, often times nothing happens after the first date. Bang will probably be OK if I do get it.

But whether it's one date or one year with a chick, once that burning desire is gone, it is usually gone for good. A key game concept is knowing when that desire is gone or about to be gone and ejecting accordingly.

I think a major difference between blue pill and red pill aware men is that the former can't recognize when the burning desire is not present and/or is gone for good. Chicks looking for a beta bucks prey on men who can't detect what real female desire looks like. The guy in the OP article is a perfect example of failing to recognize what real female burning desire looks like from the get-go.

However, I'm sympathetic to some degree: In places where men have little to no leverage left in the dating market, it can be very difficult for the average men to ever experience genuine female desire; to even get a taste of it. So when any pussy shows any attention, how can they resist? They don't know the difference.

Game fixes a lot this. Game teaches you how to act in a way that gets women hot and bothered. When you get women hot and bothered, you see and experience real female natural burning desire. Once you have experienced this with a few women, there is no going back. I can't even take seriously 30+ women anymore partly because it's virtually impossible for them to have that burning desire. The vast majority of 30+ women are mercenaries who are all about resource extraction. Once you have experienced a 21 year old girl who hangs on your every word and fucks you likes its your last fuck every time (at least until the burning desire is gone), it becomes extremely difficult to entertain going out with 30+ women or those late 20's "ready to settle down/I'm not like that anymore" types of women. MAYBE a pump and dump but that's it.

Personally, I am at a point now where I can recognize the burning desire pretty early via just body language and eye contact. Ultimately, I'll confirm via the first kiss but I can totally understand how inexperience guys can get married/get in a LTR and not recognize it until shit blows up in their face. It's something that has to be developed with experience and a dedication to understanding game concepts. And on top of all that, it something you must pay especially extra attention to in the very, VERY beginning of an interaction with a woman when she is the least invested in you. She should naturally want to be your little whore from the get-go and be treating you like a mini-celebrity as long as you run decent game. If she is not, you're fighting an uphill battle in the short-run and a unwinnable battle in the long-run.

I guess the point is:

Always look and be testing for that burning desire. If it is not there and/or disappears down the line, you are on borrowed time with that chick. If it's a date, get the bang that night. If it's a LTR/marriage, secure your assets.

If there is one hard lesson I've learned in life in dealing with women its that when they have checked out and that burning desire gone, they give ZERO fucks about you or your well-being. When a women has crossed this point, they are potentially very dangerous in a legal and social environment where they have unfair leverage.
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