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Truth about marriage: Another man finds out his wife was a Whore for Everyone but him
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RE: Truth about marriage: Another man finds out his wife was a Whore for Everyone but him
All Women Are Like That. All Women. Your mother; your sister; your wife; even the most pious of Nuns are Like That.

Which brings us to the question: what's the difference between a pious and happy Nun like Mother Angelica, and a bitter, burned-out divorcee or husband-hating shrew?

Quote:Rule #1: Everything I want, I believe I deserve.

Rule #2: What's the least amount of effort I can expend to get what I believe I deserve as quickly as possible?

Rule #3: If the quickest and laziest route to achieving what I believe I deserve would require serious moral or social transgressions, then those rules don't apply to me, because of how righteously-deserving I am.

Rule #4: If I am stigmatised for any moral or social transgressions in the righteous pursuit of what I believe I deserve, then what is the least amount of effort I can expend to defuse criticism, deflect blame or escape punishment?

While the four points that AB lists apply particularly to women, the underlying entitlement is a cultural universal. People in general want something for nothing, bread and circuses, and both capitalism and communism try and reduce everything to a mechanical, financial metric. More stuff good; less stuff bad. The average person becomes a consumer, a whining child, demanding more milk.

The difference between a pious Nun and a cock-addicted tramp is two fold; gratitude, and an accurate self-image.

Gratitude is the least common emotion you'll find in humanity. Animals have it in spades; give a dog food and it'll love you forever. Do a man a favour, and he'll plot to destroy you. It takes an active, concerted effort to feel this emotion.

As for an accurate self-assessment; Mother Angelica would point out that we all clearly deserve Hell, but for the Grace of Christ. She takes the first rule and flips it on its head; she deserves the worst, and anything better than that is a blessing.

While I don't believe in a literal Garden of Eden, it certainly goes a long way to explain what's messed up with our species.

EDIT: Corollary: All Men are Lazy Pussies. We neither want to toil against the Earth, nor do we want to lead our wives (Beta Male Adam). It's a constant force of will not to succumb to this innate desire for weakness, even though we know that being a lazy pussy will make us miserable.

Only human beings need radio commercials during the summer to remind them to drink water.

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