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Is Russia waiting for the west to collapse from debts, migrant invaders & feminism ?
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RE: Is Russia waiting for the west to collapse from debts, migrant invaders & feminism ?
Roosh - it's pretty late over here and I don't have the time to go into this with much depth but here are just a few highlights:

When Putin asks the IMF to create a new global reserve currency he of course knows that they'll never do it. You need to differentiate between what Putin says and the strings he's pulling behind the scenes. Never forget that he used to work for the KGB until the early nineties and then later got promoted the director of the FSB. He's extremely smart and among other languages speaks fluent German. I would never interpret anything Putin says in a literal sense. His briefings and speeches for me are like moves on a chess board. He's making a move and already thinks five steps ahead in regards to what responses he'll get back. So a Putin asking for a global currency replacing the Dollar was nothing but an attempt to discredit the United States and the Federal Reserve.

When the U.S. instructed Saudi Arabia to basically dump a ton of crude onto the market the real intent was to weaken Russia by destroying its main source of income. And it has worked wonders. Of course Putin is going to make statements against speculators because he cannot openly point the finger at OPEC and especially Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure what exactly the relationship between those two is but let's assume that he does not want to touch that hornet's nest with a ten foot pole.

China: That peg has mostly benefitted China and they can drop the peg at a moment's notice and will do just that when it's in their long term interest. Right now the peg remains to some extent but China is already slowly shifting to pegging its renminbi to a basket of currencies. Be careful with Forbes articles which are heavily biased toward a U.S. perspective.

Of course Putin/Russia needs to play by the rules to some extent. Except for the U.S. very few countries that matter these days really fully control their currency anymore. Here in Europe Draghi is running the show (much to the chagrin of the Germans). The Swiss Bank is a joke, second only to the desperate games played by the BOJ. Everyone is in an arms race to the bottom (ZIRP and such) and in this environment a weak currency is not necessarily a problem. What is a problem is the cost of commodities and by destroying oil prices a bit over a year ago the U.S. really delivered a big hit to Putin.

However you cannot suppress oil prices ad infinitum, as it is a finite asset. At some point prices are going to push back above the 50 mark and beyond. Putin's time will come and given the shit hand he's been holding over the past 10 years I think he's played the game admirably as the West has not been able to weaken his popularity nor his power.

You are correct about the ethnic problems in Russia.
07-07-2016 05:17 PM
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