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The Positive Side of Nationalism
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RE: The Positive Side of Nationalism
Here's an interesting experiment.

Go to Google News.

You can switch the news feeds as they are tailored to each nation.

First, note the U.S. feed. There is usually some type of racial agitation emphasis, if not a lot of it. Any other article, having to do with politics, is of a liberal bent, and much of it far-left, except in the rarest of instances.

Now go the the U.K. feed and the racial agitation and liberalism is worse.

Repeat for any other national feed in English, other than that for Israel.

God forbid I was able to speak German and read what Google feeds them.

Now go to Israel's feed in English. The amount of pro-nationalist, pro-Jewish culture, and anti-other articles is unreal in comparison to the pro-cultural Marxism articles fed to the other English speakers in the world.

What Israelis are told, and what everyone else is told, to think about themselves by Google News is of an entirely opposite tone.

This isn't some artifact of popular choice, nor of differing authority of administration of the Google News feeds.

This is a result of the exact same people, the upper hierarchy of which are USA citizens, dictating that there should be two different standards for how Israelis and non-Israeli westerners are propagandized. One is given pro-nationalist propaganda, the other is fed pro-communist/Marxist social propaganda.

And no one of significance (nor otherwise that I can tell), who is targeted for the pro-nationalist propaganda, speaks out about the difference in spite of the terrorism that is being suffered as a result of the Marxism; nor in spite of the growing discord.
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