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How to make money using a metal detector
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How to make money using a metal detector
I wasn't sure if you guys would be interested in hearing about this or if anyone has any interest in learning.

For the last 15 years or so I have been a big military history buff.
Specializing in the American Civil War and also The American Revolution. Have visited many battlefields in Northern Virginia and the mid Atlantic region. New York and Delaware. Purchased my first metel detector and couldn't imagine all the fun, exercise and cool things I have found. Plus, have made a good chunk of extra money on the side. Let me explain.

Disclaimer: Do not even think about using your metal detector in a national battlefield or on battlefield property.

Note: If your not in good shape and over weight then this probably isn't for you. I have spent hundreds of hours deep in the woods and mountains hiking with full backpack.

One thing that I'm very fortunate about is the area that I live in. The American North East is rich in Colonial history. I'm surrounded by old farmhouses, mills and 200 year old stone bridges and things like that.

First, I just want to make this clear. I never did this for the money. Just love history, nature, exercise, fresh air, piece and quite and the excitement. But, after all these items were sitting in my closet for awhile I decided to sell them and was shocked how much everything was worth. $$$

One British regimental button with full shank on the back in good condition. 500$

One British breastplate in good condition 475$

One British waistbelt buckle with kings crown in good condition 600$. If it has kings crown and regt. Number the as high as 750$. I never found one of those.

Now, I will teach you how to find the valuable relics your looking for. This was my blueprint.

Following along in the footsteps of the British army. British General Burgoyne lead an army of 15,000 regulars all around the Hudson valley New york, all over Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. General Howe also lead about the same number of regulars and Tory scouts.

Finding old colonial maps. Visit your local library or the library in an old city near you. Also, your local historical society. You can't take the maps home but you can take up close pictures on your phone. Then return home and print out copies. You will also need up to date modern maps and topographical maps.

Now, this is fairly easy. After awhile when your following the marching routes of the army's you can compare the old maps with your new maps. Example. If there is a pond there now. Guess what? That pond was almost definitely there during the war. These were my honey spots. Rivers, springs and creek crossing. If you find one relic, you can almost expect there is more in the area. Remember, these men were marching in think wool uniforms. Any areas with a water source is were they rested and camped. Plus, their horses needed water.
Again, I can't stress this enough. If you find one relic. Stop...hunker down and slow down your search speed. Concentrate on that area. Trust me.

My favorite places to hunt for relics was the state game lands. Scan over your old maps. Follow their routes to any kind of water source and alot of times just by looking at the lay of the land you can visualize were they would have camped. (Flat ground). Troops aren't going to camp on a slope of a hill. Do not concentrate on any battlefields. Just marching routes.

Equipment: White's XLT metel detector with headphones
Military style backpack
Digging tool
Waterproof boots

Books: The American Revolution in the Delaware valley
Battlefield Atlas of the American Revolution
World of the relic hunter
Relic hunter

Cleaning your relics: Do not even think about it. Hot water only.

Tips: when your out in the field with boots on the ground there is one HUGE piece of advice to remember. And, I can not stress this enough. You will be wearing head phones with your detector. Listen for those faint sounds. Those tiny whispers. Please read that again.....LISTEN FOR THOSE FAINT SOUNDS FROM YOUR METAL DETECTOR. Those are your deep objects.

Final thoughts: Do you guys know how cool it is to pull a valuable British coin out of the ground that hasn't seen the light of day in 250 years. Or finding a British 5th regiment of foote button with full shank on the back. Thinking about that soldier back home before he left for the war. Standing in front of the mirror admiring himself with his red jacket on and feeling proud. Sometimes after I would find a button of a certain regiment. I would return home to do research on the battles that regiment participated in, secretly hoping that the soldier that it belonged to made home to his loved ones.
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