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Billy Corgan, a rare red pill celeb, sticks it to SJW sacred cows
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RE: Billy Corgan, a rare red pill celeb, sticks it to SJW sacred cows
(11-12-2017 08:45 AM)Suits Wrote:  
(08-03-2016 06:55 PM)911 Wrote:  
(08-03-2016 10:37 AM)Germanicus Wrote:  
(08-02-2016 09:54 PM)911 Wrote:  Sometimes they start going rogue, then they end up dead (Hendricks, Brian Jones, Lennon, MJ, Cobain, Prince,...)

If by going rogue you mean letting their drug addictions develop into terminal addiction, yes. The only two people on this list I see as being murdered for nefarious motives are MJ and Cobain. Cobain was a rapidly deteriorating burnout and ultra blue pill. Not a threat to anyone except for Courtney Love. I'm not up to speed on the fine details of it, but I do think there's something to the theory that she had him whacked. Jackson...I can see him getting bumped off by Hollywood insiders who really didn't want him to talk about their child sexual abuse rings before he was likely to die from ill-health anyway.

John Lennon was assassinated. The doorman of his UES building, Jose Perdomo, was a temp who just happened to be a high-ranking Cuban-American CIA assassin, the head of special ops group called Operation 40 His identity was withheld from the public record for years... As far as conspiracies go, this one is a slam dunk.

Hendrix and Jones were actually coming clean, and becoming more politically active in the months before they died. Same with Prince, who was openly calling out the cultural rot that the music industry was pushing He went fully red pill, talking about the music industry's agenda of spreading social degeneracy (agenda which he had complied with earlier in his career), and going off on things like chemtrails on TV. He also stood up to the industry, building his own label and studio house, and went clean... Poof.

Michael Jackson has been a target long before he was killed, like Prince, he was a smart businessman who was tired of getting ripped off. The music honchos were pissed at him getting the Beatles' catalog, which had been undervalued when MJ shrewdly snapped it up, later becoming one of the most valuable properties in the industry. MJ was the victim of a smear campaign, to the point where his death was easy to spin as an overdose.

I haven't really looked in detail into Cobain's death. But Courtney Love's father, Hank Harrison, who is a fairly astute observer of the music industry as a former insider in the eye of the hippie hurricane (he managed the Grateful Dead), claims that Love, his estranged borderline psycho daughter, has killed Cobain.

Is there a conspiracy theory out there that you don't believe in?

There are tons of fake ones I don't believe in, like the shape-shifting reptilians, aliens/UFOs/Area51, flat earth etc.

There are, roughly, three kinds of people wrt so-called conspiracies:

1) Inveterate normies who, even when presented with vary basic facts and evidence will dismiss the whole thing as "conspiracy theory", mostly due to the kind of cognitive dissonance that those truth bombs bring.

2) people who are skeptical and understand that the PTBs aren't that benevolent, and that the mainstream propaganda is shock full of lies, but have no discernment or scientific background. These people will buy the kookiest theories, like flat earthers and shape-shifting reptilians.

3) those who understand that the establishment is more pervasive, more organized and more malevolent than portrayed, and have a good filter and the willingness and ability to do the research and separate the baby from the bathwater.

I guess you belong in the first category. You're presented with a simple fact, that Jose Perdomo, the doorman of the Dakota Building who was at the center of Lennon crime scene, was a high-ranking professional CIA assassin (fact), and you still dismiss it?

λ ό γ ο ς
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11-12-2017 03:39 PM
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