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Poll: Can you pass Rippetoe's PT Test?
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Can you pass Mark Rippetoe's Combat Fitness Test?
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RE: Can you pass Mark Rippetoe's Combat Fitness Test?
(09-26-2016 02:36 AM)H1N1 Wrote:  I don't like this idea that strength and muscle just disappears if you stop training. If you've built this over a long period of time then many of the gains will be with you long term, regardless of what you then do. Some muscle will disappear over time, but if you are giving your body adequate nutrition, then it isn't all that expensive to maintain, and your loses should be minimal.

I started lifting at 15. I've gone through extended periods of minimal to no lifting. I have never lost much muscle and whatever I do lose comes back like a freight train when I start again. After lifting for years your body is able to carry muscle much more easily. A body built while you're young will stay with you for a lifetime.

This is probably broscience but I strongly believe that starting really young allowed my body to permanently widen my shoulders. I think it goes beyond the muscle tissue and into the actual structure of the shoulders.

Back in high school when I had just started lifting I had some guys in my bio class go "Why lift man, its all gonna disappear eventually." Its funny how guys that say things like that almost always have sad, unremarkable physiques.
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