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Career Crossroads
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RE: Career Crossroads
(09-30-2016 12:29 PM)papaiela Wrote:  Hey guys!

I am seeking advice for an important thing as I am graduating soon. This community has helped me improve tremendously so I am naturally asking for advice from the wisest. I am thinking about my career and frankly I am lost. I have several options but I really don’t know what to do. I’d like to hear your opinion guys on these different options.

I am 22 years old and I will graduate with a bachelor degree in Finance in December. I will graduate with a decent GPA.

My first option is to go directly apply for jobs, I believe I could get a job in a bank or a big corporation. I am thinking about a job where I am in contact with people (Sales). If I choose this option I will be able to get out of my parents place and will have money to have a better lifestyle in general. That’s my option 1.

Not sure where to start.

Let's begin with option 1. If you "believe you could get a job in a bank or big corporation".

No. You will have a much harder time than you think. The reason is that you aren't going to get into those jobs because of your resume: that just gets you taken seriously. You're going to get into those jobs because you successfully "networked" with alumni or others in those firms. There's plenty on here about how to do it. Get cracking NOW so you have time to build some relationships or at the very least know what the hell you're talking about with those kinds of jobs.

This is especially true for getting a job with a "bank". If you haven't networked prior to applying you have a roughly zero chance of getting an interview with firm that's even remotely Wall Street ish. I am the exception because my military resume has gotten me pulled out of the stack but as an undergrad you do not have anything "cool" like that yet barring something like varsity athletics at a D1 school.

If you want a creative career going to acting school is a relatively poor way to get into standup. You're much better off going to improv classes in your spare time and then starting to do standups in your own time. There's one acquaintance I have ( only acquaintance, because he's the personification of the raging leftist, egotistical biglaw type) who got into standup on his own time by delivering routines at open mic nights. George Carlin got into it by doing coffee clubs. The list of theatre majors who actually work that way is small.

Important caveat: I still highly recommend taking some acting classes in your spare time because they will teach you vocal skills that are invaluable for just about anything other than internet forums.

Quote:However, if you truly want to be involved in comedy or acting, set some goals and chase down those dreams. A business or finance career can be achieved later if you desire. You might be a little behind in terms of the game compared to your peers, but you can catch up. There's no shame in going after what you really want, especially when you are 22 and have minimal overhead and can live modestly. If it doesn't work out, start over with whatever you think is best at the time. We have all made some career mistakes, and may or may not regret them based on the learning experience.

Also worth looking at. If you have a good GPA in finance and succeed in standup, going from Standup comic -> mid-tier MBA -> Corporate management/sales later on is an easy path.

Here's what I would do in your position: I would IMMEDIATELY get on LinkedIN and start looking up alumni who work in financial sales roles. Those jobs grant you quite a bit of flexibility if you're willing to go back to school at some point, and many of the sales skills that you pick up in those jobs apply well to both stage work and game.

Don't expect it to be easy. Competition is intense for even mid tier firms.
10-04-2016 03:51 PM
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