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Metformin / rapamycin for life extension?
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RE: Metformin / rapamycin for life extension?
Side effects of metformin are diarrhoea, lactic acidosis (extremely rare, don't have to worry about it), and fat loss. Supposedly also lowers testosterone. Start off with 500mg daily, working up to 2g.

I have no idea about rapamycin, but an article just came out giving good anecdotal evidence that it improves the lives of old dogs.

And Thomas is right, it's much more about the quality of life that you have and not the length. What we want is to severely slow or reverse aging, not extend out our twilight years by 10 years, during which time we're not really enjoying the full essence of life. None of these drugs appear to severely slow our aging, so if I were you, I'd follow most of his advice*.

* I don't know why he went on a rant about toxic chemicals when these have been proved to be safe in humans and are watched like a hawk by the FDA. If you're using Windex once in a while or Degree deodorant, it's not going to shorten your life span.

Also, Thomas does not directly mention exercise, of which aerobic and anaerobic are very beneficial to quality of life. Lastly, you can start taking a baby aspirin starting at the age of 50 to reduce all-cause mortality. You need to take it for at least five years in order to start gaining some of the benefits.
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