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Steem: The Uncensorable and Profitable Twitter and Facebook Killer
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Steem: The Uncensorable and Profitable Twitter and Facebook Killer
Now that the Left is doubling-down on censorship - by trying to block "fake news", ban prominent Alt-Right Twitter accounts and manipulate the trending algorithms more than ever, it is high time we take control of one of our strongest weapons - Social Media.

[Image: GQHj5a7.png]

On the mass media front we're doing well. Nobody trusts the old media outlets anymore. Trump will continue to diminish their power, Breitbart will multiply in popularity and so will other new media outlets (as long as we support them).

On the social media front however there's still much progress to be made. Twitter and Facebook were essential in our persuasion campaign to get Trump elected, but the globalists have become wise to that, which is why they're now trying to make it impossible to us to win in arguments (like we always do) by banning us completely.

Unfortunately right now all of our people are moving onto another platform Gab which is sympathetic to Alt-Right views. This is not a long-term solution however because it becomes an echo chamber for only people banned from Twitter and also has a rather limited target audience since it'll be strongly associated as being a "far-right" website.

There is however another solution, one that already is extremely popular but has received a global news blackout because of how damaging it is to globalist power: Steem.

[Image: wpPzYUx.png] is a gateway to view the Steem cryptocurrency blockchain (the blockchain is a major feature that makes Bitcoin work, and is essentially an ordered list of transactions which is duplicated to many peers).

Steem is worth $25 million currently and is #12 for cryptocurrency market capitalisation, which makes it even more surprising that it's not known yet in our circles (although it has been mentioned on the Corbett Report). has a Reddit-like interface but allows you to make long Medium-like posts, and every post made is actually a cryptocurrency transaction which is permanently saved to the Steem blockchain. This means that the Steem blockchain is uncensorable (here's the blockchain explorer to see the data "raw", you'll notice that upvotes and posts are built directly into the blockchain).

There is one limitation however and it is that only text content can be stored on the blockchain, so multimedia has be embedded/linked from off-site hosts (e.g. Imgur, YouTube etc). However IPFS is planned to be implemented soon, which allows decentralised permanent storage + hyperlinks to multimedia.

Another innovative feature they've added is micropayments, and that every upvote is actually a micropayment (e.g. can be less than $0.01 per upvote up or as much as you like). This makes it extremely easy for content creators, curators and commenters to get paid (and I've seen many posts that earn 3 figures each).

It also prevents the problem that mainstream social media has with promoted content being more visible than user content, because on Steemit if more of the audience cares about a topic enough to upvote it then the corporate material won't be visible at all.

And you can maintain anonymity if desired, unlike traditional social media. Either use this public anonymous account to make posts or have someone do the phone verification for you for $1 to get an anonymous account.

By the way valentine1 is my account on there if anyone wants to follow me Smile

All in all I think this truly could be the gamechanger and a major blow to Twitter and Facebook, which is needed as there's little other competition in this space.

Steemit's current featureset is going to keep gaining them more content creators who want to get paid, thought leaders, free speech/cryptocurrency/privacy advocates and hopefully soon to be the Alt-Right also.
11-22-2016 05:53 PM
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