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4 Establishments Model
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4 Establishments Model
Since I got now 250 posts and can post here, I want to open new thread for one specific reason. I will introduce 4 establishment model to those who have not read about it yet.
Warning: This is a very long post and linked article, but its very worth the read.

I must clarify that this is not my personal work, but work of a organization called Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP): https://isgp-studies.com/index

All in all I consider their work breathtakingly thorough and on point. They don't indulge in speculations, but prefer to post evidence for every fact they present.
Most interesting of their work in my opinion is their "4 establishment" model which presents their view how world works.

I will put just a short intro and summary and direct you to the whole article for the rest.

Link: https://isgp-studies.com/intro

4 Establishments are the following:

Quote:Liberal Establishment:

Centered around international banking, commerce, and diplomacy. One hundred percent committed to the globalization process in every possible way. Involved in hundreds of NGOs. The "big three" foundations, Carnegie, Rockefeller and Ford, belong to this establishment.

East Coast Establishment plus West Coast Establishment, globalist-oriented, mainly non-Catholic elements in Europe, and similar elements in Asia.

Most key players in the world have been accepted at one point or another to the international advisory committee of JPMorgan Chase or the board of Kissinger Associates. Bechtel is at the core of the West Coast Establishment and closely linked to the Rockefellers and JPMorgan Chase, most recently through men as George Shultz and Riley Bechtel.

Inner core in the United States: David Rockefeller and friends as Maurice Greenberg, Peter Peterson, John Whitehead, Warren Buffet, and Paul Volcker. Kissinger Associates people are always brought in as overseers and/or observers of CIA and neocon projects. Completely interlocked with the Rockefeller interests is the George Shultz/Bechtel/Bohemian Grove group on the West Coast. In England and France the Rothschilds are major allies. Other key figures, like Lord Roll, Lord Carrington, Etienne Davignon or Pehr Gyllenhammar have all been at Kissinger Associates. Most of the men mentioned here have belonged to the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society or otherwise the 1001 Club.

Direct control of the following media outlets through a network of friends: New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time magazine, CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN. These companies are all owned by Pilgrims Society members or a few of their closest friends. In England The Times, the Financial Times and Reuters are among those linked to the Pilgrims.

Complete State Department control through the Council on Foreign Relations and the social network of the Pilgrims Society. Right-wing (corporate fascist in the end), but diplomatic.

Pro-containment (Kennan) and pro-detente (Kissinger) during the Cold War.

Has been overwhelmingly anti-"preventive war", anti-"rollback" and anti-SDI (Star Wars) during the Cold War.

Historically completely pro-Arab due to oil interests. Only supports a moderate foreign policy of Israel towards the Palestinians and other Arab neighbors.

Quote:Conservative Establishment:

Centered around the Pentagon and CIA, certainly after the Richard Helms period.

Grew out an alliance of General Douglas MacArthur's notoriously fascist cronies, generals Pedro del Valle, Bonner Fellers, Charles Willoughby, Albert Wedemeyer, George Stratemeyer and Robert Wood. They were backed by H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison and Sid Richardson, and J. Edgar Hoover was an ally. Together they attacked Eisenhower (a former Pilgrims Society executive) and the East Coast Establishment for being too soft on communism. Among the groups these supporters of MacArthur ran during the Eisenhower years were the National Military Industrial Conferences, hence Eisenhower's expression "Military-Industrial Complex", although he also termed it the "military establishment" and "defense establishment" in the same speech.

This group founded the John Birch Society and even the highly anti-Jewish Liberty Lobby (Gen. Stratemeyer and Gen. del Valle), responsible today for 95 percent of people's anti-establishment theories, including anti-United Nations, anti-Kissinger and anti-Rockefeller propaganda.

Undiplomatic. Ultra-right-wing McCarthyites and Christian conservatives from different denominations. A combination of the isolationist old right, the interventionist new right, as well as the religious right (Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, etc.).

Allied with the Vatican-Paneuropa network in Europe, consisting of Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta.

Teamed up with South Korean interests, including the MacArthur-released Sun Myung Moon and his Moonie Cult.

Began working with the Israel Lobby in the United States in the 1970s, forming the neocons.

Anti-containment, anti-detente and pro-SDI (Star Wars) during the Cold War. Richard Perle (Le Cercle), who was working for Senator Henry Jackson and basically elements in the CIA, was the leader of the anti-detente campaign. General Daniel Graham (American Security Council) was head of the pro-SDI lobby.

Anti-United Nations and anti-global warming theories.

Consists of intelligence assets and the (often fringe) ultra-right-wing of the Republican Party, as well as a handful of hawks from the Democratic Party. Important examples of this latter case are Senator Henry Jackson, from whose office sprang a small army of leading neocons; "Good Time" Charlie Wilson, also nicknamed "the Israeli commando", and two co-chairman of the American Security Council: William V. Chappell, Jr. and Senator J. Bennett Johnston.

Some favorite presidential candidates: Senator Robert Taft, General Douglas MacArthur, George Wallace, Barry Goldwater and Nixon before he was turned on to the policy of detente by Kissinger and Rockefeller. Only when Reagan was elected, did the conservative establishment have the president they really wanted. A favorable election again happened in 2000 when George W. Bush moved into the White House, flanked by the neocons. A later favorite of the conservative establishment has been Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, with McCain being acceptable - but primarily being favored by the "liberal" establishment.

Key "insider" groups: the World Anti-Communist League, the American Security Council, its post-Cold War incarnation, the Center for Security Policy and Le Cercle for Vatican-Paneuropa relations.

Seems to be have been controlled by the CIA at the very top, because MacArthur's generals and persons as Curtis LeMay and other confrontationist "Project Control" supporters at the American Security Council were subordinate to less radical CIA officers they shared their board with: Richard Bissell, James Angleton, Ray Cline, Vernon Walters, William Colby (Le Cercle), William Casey (Le Cercle), Ted Shackley (Le Cercle). These officers in turn worked closely with Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, Frank Carlucci, Donald Gregg, Robert Gates and George H. W. Bush.

Quote:Vatican-Paneuropa Network:

Catholic European branch of the conservative establishment which had considerable overlap with the American Security Council and completely supported the ASC's anti-detente and pro-SDI policy.

Ultra-right-wing. Knights of Malta and Opus Dei-dominated network.

Key founder of many groups has been Otto von Habsburg, the last crown prince of the Vatican-allied Austro Hungarian Empire. Prince Hans Adam II von Liechtenstein, a relative of the Habsburg, is another key player in Europe. Prince Miguel de Bourbon has been another member with long-standing connections to U.S. intelligence.

Its primary interest has been the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire by manipulating the European Union, although this agenda has met with stiff resistance from the Liberal Establishment.

Le Cercle is the most secretive and highest level group in this network. It works with the CIA, MI6 and intelligence services of mainland Europe and Saudi Arabia. In the past it worked with apartheid governments in Africa and fascist regimes as Franco and Pinochet. Members have overseen underground fascist armies in Europe that were used for false-flag terrorism, assassination, drug running, arms smuggling and the protection of high-level child abuse networks. The primary contact points in the United States of Le Cercle have been the Heritage Foundation and the CIA. Ted Shackley has been a key contact of Le Cercle since the early 1980s until his death in 2002. He worked together with Richard Perle and Britain's aristocratic super spook Julian Amery, who moved in aristocratic circles involving the Rothschilds, the Cecils (also of Le Cercle) and active and retired prime ministers.

Notoriously anti-Jewish (and apparently anti-black), as Otto von Habsburg's somewhat ridiculous November 2002 statement to the Austrian weekly Zur Zeit made perfectly clear: "The Pentagon is today a Jewish institution. On the other hand, the blacks are in the State Department: for instance, Colin Powell or especially Condoleezza Rice. It is an internal conflict between hawks and doves. Currently, the Anglo-Saxons, that's to say the white Americans, are playing a relatively minor role." Unsurprisingly, only a small handful of Jewish neocons were welcome to visit Le Cercle, at least during most of the Cold War when Otto von Habsburg's influence on the group was the greatest.

Quote:Zionist Establishment:

Built primarily around radical Jewish Zionists, not just American neoconservatives, but also the Israelis. For a list of individual groups and those involved, go here.

Consists of Israel, Jewish communities around the world and the Israel Lobby in the United States. It's a very close-knit and survivalist community that is highly politically organized and has a lot of money available.

Some key names who have worked closely with Israel and/or the Mossad: Bronfman, Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Maurice Tempelsman, Felix Przedborski, Bruce Rappaport, Edmond Safra, Max Fisher, Tibor Rosenbaum, Louis Bloomfield, Michael Cherney and John Loftus. Those with Israeli nationality tied to illegal operations include Begin, Sharon, Isser Harel, Shaul Eisenberg, Al Schwimmer, Yaakov Nimrodi, Rafi Eitan, Efraim Poran, Abrahim Shavit, Yair Klein, David Kimche, Micha Harari and others. Probably wouldn't skip Netanyahu either.

The Mossad seems to operate in just about all Jewish communities around the world and certainly helped set up Israel's "triangle of influence" in the United States in cooperation with AIPAC and CPMAJO. It became so powerful because the Jewish people have a direct and continuing interest in being politically active. They have a tendency to follow their community leaders and vote in (relatively) much greater numbers than other ethnic groups. At least, this once was the explanation provided to Douglas MacArthur II by the chairman of an Israel Lobby "committee" - most likely AIPAC.

Began to work with conservative networks in the 1970s, forming the neoconservatives. Before that largely ignored, as it has always been by the liberal establishment and its pro-Arab policies.

U.S. mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky was a Zionist. Jimmy Hoffa even more so. Top elitist Lester Crown, another Zionist and patron of the career of Barack and Michele Obama, also has a history going back to these mafia circles,as does billionaire financier Michael Steinardt with similar statements about the Bronfmans. As is the norm, Bronfman, Crown and Steinhardt are in close contact with Israeli leaders.

All the major, and even many minor, Hollywood movie production houses are controlled by Jews. In addition, Steven Spielberg is a known member of the Mega Group, and Hollywood billionaire Arnon Milchan financed Oliver Stone's JFK and helped Israel acquire uranium.

The leaders of the powerful Solntsevskaya mafia in Russia, Sergei Mikhailov and the Averin brothers, and their ally Semion Mogilevich, all had secondary Israeli passports. Powerful Zionist oligarchs as Pyotr Aven and Mikhail Fridman of Alfa Group have been considered allies of Solntsevskaya, but there were also influential non-Zionist elements, like Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov and Sistema chairman Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Senator Henry Jackson, a mentor to half a dozen influential neoconservatives, created much of the international aspect of the Zionist mafia by linking trade concessions with Jewish emigration from Russia. This led to Russia emptying its jails of many of the worst Jewish criminals and sending them to the West. There's no evidence the Zionist establishment really cared about this, as the Russian IMF scandal and other affairs demonstrate. It's an almost openly criminal network that protects itself by labeling every critic an anti-semite.

Mafia-connected Jewish-Russian oligarch Michael Cherney has been working with powerful neocons as Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, and Frank Gaffney, as well as former CIA directors James Woolsey and John Deutch in private groups as the Intelligence Summit and Jerusalem Summit. Senior Mossad officers have also taken part in these groups.

Besides Solntsevskaya, various Russian oligarchs and mafia bosses have worked in close cooperation with Israel, as they are Jewish. The Mossad, CIA and MI6 seem to have been making good use of this asset against communist and nationalist Russian elements. Yeltsin's key neoliberal economic advisors, Zionists Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais, were in contact with western establishment circles since 1988.

[Image: Three_establishment_model.gif]

Older, 3 establishments model, still very informative

[Image: globalist-superclass-pyramid-structure.png]

One of the first ISGP models, presents pyramidal structure of power, later disbanded in favor of 3 and 4 establishment models

Looking forward to discussion.
11-26-2016 01:01 PM
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