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Poll: Should women attend high-school / secondary-school?
Yes but with limitations
No but with exceptions
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What role should education have for women?
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RE: What role should education have for women?
So meaning should women be allowed to go to high school and/or its equivalent? Which atleast means that basic math and reading skills are all that a woman should learn up till the age of 13 if someone answered no. As that's commonly what's taught up until middle school. No Home Economics or other courses that a woman should learn after that if the answer no is selected as well. There is no other meaning besides that in a yes or no context and that possibility being consideredDodgy.

If anything I didn't expect you of all people to hamster about that within that context. It's fairly clear what that question entails, atleast for those that answered no.

And even if I don't read the OP that poll question should scream the intent of what's in the OP. Whoever started this thread clearly wanted that question to be considered. Perhaps less than the OP, but nonetheless considered.

And on my thoughts on said topic.

Unequivocally yes. Including a Home Economics class for women. And a proper etiquette course(think table manners, how to dress/act in a professional or formal event, etc.) for both sexes. The reason for that being that the purpose of high school/other secondary education institutions is to instill advanced reasoning skills beyond simply the ability to read, write, and do basic math as well as personal curiosity.

They fail miserably at this, but that should be intention even if it isn't. I deal with enough charmless and generally dull women as it is don't want any more.

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