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Poll: Should women attend high-school / secondary-school?
Yes but with limitations
No but with exceptions
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What role should education have for women?
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RE: What role should education have for women?
(12-07-2016 09:56 PM)Comte De St. Germain Wrote:  So meaning should women be allowed to go to high school and/or its equivalent?


I won't even respond to that directly, I'll just apply your level of English comprehension (and that's a US flag right?) to the above example sentences.

Example: "Should I buy a ticket?". That means "is it a good idea that I buy a ticket", or "is it required that I buy a ticket", or "is it best that I buy a ticket", or "ought I buy a ticket?".
CDSG => which means "should I be allowed to buy a ticket", "is it allowable that I buy a ticket", "ought I be permitted to buy a ticket?".

Example: "Should beach-goers wear sun cream?". That means "if someone were to go to the beach, is it best they wear sun cream or not?", or "is it wise for them to wear sun cream", or more commonly "should they wear sun cream"?
CDSG => which means "should people be allowed to wear sun cream on the beach", "should wearing sun cream be permitted?".

Perhaps when Suits comes back he can give you an English lesson, before you call me a hamster again.
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12-07-2016 10:03 PM
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