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Poll: Should women attend high-school / secondary-school?
Yes but with limitations
No but with exceptions
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What role should education have for women?
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RE: What role should education have for women?
(12-07-2016 09:20 PM)Comte De St. Germain Wrote:  @Phoenix


In all fairness the question for your poll was "Should women attend high-school / secondary-school?".

What other way would that be taken?

If you had just posted what you had posted in the OP with a more nuanced question rather than if they should be allowed to attend high school or not you would have been fine.

Not to mention this has been done since the end of the Industrial Revolution mind you. That thought process would have even been abnormal 50-70 years ago if not more.

Dodgy It's times like this where the intellect of the manosphere can be overstated, and one needs to deliver a KISS wording to avoid any deviation from the intent. Not to say that we're on the same level as the ROK/BB Forums crowd, but even on RVF, our views on womens' role in society run the gamut from "a curtailing of the worst excesses of feminism" to a more hardline "women should be banned from setting foot outside the household" belief that would make hardcore Taliban clerics blush. Like it or not, vive la difference.

The corollary, yes it's easy to conflate "should XYZ partake in ABC?" as "Should we ban XYZ from partaking in ABC?" (or in debating parlance, "This House Would prevent XYZ from partaking in ABC." Irrespective of the fact that there is a clear and definite line between the two proposals, it's pretty understandable to have taken the former in the context of the latter. No deliberate putting of words in Phoenix's mouth. Even though Phoenix isn't necessarily one of the more extreme manospherians, the nature of the 'sphere would suggest that both ideas would become confused when brought up for discussion.

I personally took a little while to see the distinction, though secretly I was hoping it'd be the other intent, not out of some streak of Schadenfreude, but because this is one of those women's issues I was interested in seeing the 'sphere have a say in, along the classic ones like Female doctors which was important enough for Johnbozzzzz to dupe, and the women in careers thread.
12-07-2016 10:36 PM
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