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Poker Bot Beats Top Human Pros in HU NLHE
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RE: Poker Bot Beats Top Human Pros in HU NLHE
(02-03-2017 07:29 PM)John Michael Kane Wrote:  Can't imagine why anyone would play online poker.

1. You're not sure that the casino isn't using a bot against you for the other "human" players that may well be their own server. How would you ever know?
2. You'll also have no way of knowing if a human player unaffiliated with the casino is using some type of bot script run with AI to actually make their moves.
3. Real-life poker is where it is at if you have the skill. Not something easily developed, but can be done.

1. Too risky for to little gain. Biggest poker sites make a killing from rake, rigging is counterproductive, why would they want you to lose all the money and not return to play again?

2. They do catch bots from time to time and reimburse the affected players. Again, much harder to do on big poker sites with good software.

3. Live poker has its advantages and its drawbacks. If you are good you will have bigger edge on average, but you will play less hands, so the variance can affect your winnings more, and it is less convenient then playing from home.
02-04-2017 02:51 PM
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