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Yale Removes Name of White Male From Building and Renames After A Woman
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RE: Yale Removes Name of White Male From Building and Renames After A Woman
(02-11-2017 07:23 PM)scorpion Wrote:  I note that Kona seems to think this was a "white people created issue", based on the idea that Yale (and the rest of the Ivies) are bastions of old money WASPs busily conspiring against the various shades of brown folk who make up their social inferiors. But the reality is that the Ivies have not been this type of WASPish old boys' club for the better part of the past century. In fact, these days, far from being catered to by administrators, WASPs are the single most underrepresented demographic in the Ivy League. Bold claim, isn't it? Sounds impossible? It would be, if not for a single trick: Jews being counted as white. This is how a class at Yale might be reported as 70% "white", which would actually be broken down as 30% white and 40% Jewish. In relation to their actual number of high achieving students compared against Whites and Asians, Jews are overrepresented in Ivy League universities by a factor of 1000.

If you have the time to kill, Ron Unz's extended article on this topic is a must-read.

The Myth of American Meritocracy is a must-read to get a sense of how elite universities make admission decisions. It is written by Ron Unz, who is Jewish.

There is no conspiracy.

Quote:Meanwhile, any hint of “anti-Semitism” in admissions is regarded as an absolutely mortal sin, and any significant reduction in Jewish enrollment may often be denounced as such by the hair-trigger media. For example, in 1999 Princeton discovered that its Jewish enrollment had declined to just 500 percent of parity, down from more than 700 percent in the mid-1980s, and far below the comparable figures for Harvard or Yale. This quickly resulted in four front-page stories in the Daily Princetonian, a major article in the New York Observer, and extensive national coverage in both the New York Times and the Chronicle of Higher Education.108 These articles included denunciations of Princeton’s long historical legacy of anti-Semitism and quickly led to official apologies, followed by an immediate 30 percent rebound in Jewish numbers. During these same years, non-Jewish white enrollment across the entire Ivy League had dropped by roughly 50 percent, reducing those numbers to far below parity, but this was met with media silence or even occasional congratulations on the further “multicultural” progress of America’s elite education system.

I suspect that the combined effect of these separate pressures, rather than any planned or intentional bias, is the primary cause of the striking enrollment statistics that we have examined above. In effect, somewhat dim and over-worked admissions officers, generally possessing weak quantitative skills, have been tasked by their academic superiors and media monitors with the twin ideological goals of enrolling Jews and enrolling non-whites, with any major failures risking harsh charges of either “anti-Semitism” or “racism.” But by inescapable logic maximizing the number of Jews and non-whites implies minimizing the number of non-Jewish whites.
02-12-2017 05:54 PM
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