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Netflix cheating - a warning sign?
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Netflix cheating - a warning sign?
There's a news story going around about how a significantly high number of couples in "committed relationships" have instances where one of the two watches a show ahead of when the other person is available to watch. They are "cheating" because of an understanding that they would watch the shows together. Being that Orange is the New Black is the top most cheated-on show, you can be sure it's mostly women doing the cheating, although the Netflix report astutely avoids pissing off their customer base with too many facts.

While on the face of it, who cares, right? But check out the data - which very closely mirrors statistics on actual cheating:
[Image: 1f384808f6.jpg]

And the newscaster who did the local story on this remarked "I confess, Rob, I've done it before..." Naturally, had to wonder who Rob was. Turns out he's a paraplegic hit by a car in 2006, ending what may have become a promising major league baseball career.

Further down in that article, we see Rob in a picture with his ex girlfriend, Vanderpump Rules "comedian" Rachael O'Brien. The article is from 2011; no word on when the breakup happened but they're obviously no longer together. Somewhere along the line, she felt ok joking about her boyfriend being in a wheelchair (see the 1:50 mark on her tremendously un-funny "comedy" video). I'm guessing her obvious narcissism was too more important than a guy in a wheelchair, at least when it got to the point she had steady work in the entertainment industry. Pretty fucked up, bitch.

Rob is an incredibly tenacious guy - at one point after the hit and run accident (the driver was never identified) he couldn't even control his own bowels, let alone move independently of a wheelchair. Slowly but surely he's got himself to the point where he can stand but not yet walk. He's got the right attitude and charisma where attractive women are wiling to date and have meaningful relationships with him - or are they? Are they using his situation for personal gain? Is his current flame one tinder swipe away from taking Netflix cheating into the actual realm of cheating, assuming she hasn't already done so?

You be the judge, and I would love to be utterly wrong about where this scenario may end up, but when a 34 year old broadcast babe spends this much time on Instagram, has been spotted wearing uggs, and who's greatest fantasy would to be getting even more attention as a broadway star, you gotta wonder. I seriously hope he's switched on enough to watch for the signs and adjust his game accordingly.

EDIT: yes, Uggs are an indicator.

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