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MSM hiding terror attack on American female tourist
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RE: MSM hiding terror attack on American female tourist
(04-15-2017 11:48 PM)Caractacus Potts Wrote:  
(04-10-2017 08:43 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  I recall reading a soldier's blog some time ago. The guy was in Afghanistan and he was talking about the French troops in regards to the whole "cheese-eating surrender-monkeys" moniker.

Apparently they were no slobs. The (American) soldier blogger was impressed with their physical capacity, their grit and their camaraderie.

I have to think that a military coup in France would not be such a bad thing in the long run.

I remember a noncom telling me about an incident with the French. The Legion was in Haiti after Baby Doc Douvalier was ousted.

The NCO told me that kids would chase after the vehicles asking for food, money, sweets. Some of the Marines would toss them stuff. You know how it goes, you feed one dozens more show up. They noticed that the kids never went by the Legionairre's vehicles. He found out the reason why.

Some Legionaires's gave the kids the chemical tablet that came in their MREs but smothered in jam. The kids ate them and the tablets activated inside their stomachs!

There was also a picture in the paper of a Legionnaire holding a little kid by the wrist and kicking him. The headline read "Gardien de la paix?" Peacekeeper?

El oh el, good for the Legionnaires. Not all heros wear capes.

04-15-2017 11:57 PM
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