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White couple(man CFO/COO of Tobacco Superstores) make racist rant in Turks and Caicos
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RE: White couple(man CFO/COO of Tobacco Superstores) make racist rant in Turks and Caicos
(04-14-2017 05:03 PM)Fast Eddie Wrote:  
(04-14-2017 03:33 PM)RBerkley Wrote:  Isn't Turks & Caicos Islands located in the Caribbean Sea?

Who else would chant racist death threats on presumably visible minority people if they were not white?

It looks the the Shyster Lawyer representing those entitled tourists are engaging in LIBEL CHILL to claim that reporting on the issue is tantamount to Libel.

You should get out more if you think whites are the world's most racist people. Here's a hint: Chinese view blacks as barely human and in the middle east, black slaves are still a thing.

Unless droves of Chinese "offshore investors" are taking over Turks & Caicos, I would probably agree that the people in the video could probably be Americanized Chinese who don't have that obvious "Shitty Waul" accent when speaking a certain word such as "City" compared to ESL Chinese.

Plus, Asian Orientals chicks love huge black cock, even if it's not a Monster 9-inch cock people see in porno clips at Pornhub.

These Chinese & Korean chicks be responding "Yo cawk iz huge" when they see a Black dick, so they ain't racist, but it's probably socially and cultural bias towards color.

Caribbean countries like Trinidad is racist in a sense that the "fair skin" West Indian" women who swallow the Anglo feminism to oppress Black Men for talking to them on the street.

But unlike the Police State in the Anglosphere, a fair-skin Trini chick dressed like a prostitute running to the nearest police station because Chanty Binx told her that she should report for "street harassment" when that Black Man questioned if she would like to purchase any Plantain and Banana at wholesale price at Chaguanas Market, is probably going to be confronted by an entire police station of Black Police Officers who will either:

A) Think she is a racist cunt
B) Flag her so next time someone 100% actually rapes or kidnaps her, they wouldn't even care shit or conduct a lousy investigation.
C) Appear to be interested, but they will tell the man being accused that he should probably hire one of those "Phantom Squads" next time she pulls that type of shit again.
D) All of the above.

Point is, there is a huge difference between a Chinese "offshore investor" man who thinks Blacks are "sub-human" because he isn't yellow like them, compared to people who want to use violence from police state to oppress people of color, which in this case are more likely to be a feminist than some KKK Member living in some small town in Alabama.
04-15-2017 06:50 AM
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