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Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
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RE: Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
(06-24-2017 12:21 AM)TheMost Wrote:  And the potato is the most nutritionally complete food there is; add milk to it, and people have lived on milk and potatoes their whole lives, with robust perfect health and fair complexions.

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I feel bad for my Japan homeboy etwsake; not only for the state he now finds himself in -- but also for the spectacularly shitty advice from the likes of "TheMost" (The Most what? nutrient deficient??) being haphazardly thrown his way in this thread.

Let's suppose for a minute that "the potato is the most nutritionally complete food there is" -- it isn't, but let's just suppose it is. This (or any other) single most nutritionally complete food is very far from supplying the complete nutritional needs of a man striving to be at his best physically and mentally. Do you understand this simple point, TheMost? I think that even you, in the dark recesses of your potato-addled brain, vaguely grasp this point -- which is why you slipped in the little qualifier "add milk to it."

Yes, add milk to it, and much else. The potato contains essentially *no fat* of any kind. No dietary fat, which is necessary for the production of testosterone, key to a man's libido, motivation, intelligence, and bodily strength. It is no wonder that when I read TheMost's posts I get the feeling I am reading soy.

It is abundantly clear to anyone that has looked into the subject and has done even the slightest bit of experimenting with his own eating habits that a diet rich in high-quality fats, with a sufficient ratio of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, is the first step to being healthy, strong and lean. Obviously you have to get to the gym and lift correctly, but it is all in vain if you aren't eating right. Everyone is a bit different, depending on his lifestyle and workout regimen, but for most men a caloric mix of 35-40% fat, 35-40% protein, and 20-30% carbohydrates will serve them well. (By contrast, the potato is 0% fat, 10% protein, 90% carbs.)

And note that I am not disputing the contention that you can lose weight (fat and muscle) on the potato-only diet. You can also lose fat -- while maintaining or building muscle -- on the steak-and-eggs diet, a much smarter choice if you are going to restrict your diet to only two food items. Even better, you can quickly shed fat through intermittent fasting -- i.e. eating well and ad libitum during an eight-hour feeding window, followed by 16 hours of water only.

Everything said in this thread about checking for sleep apnea or other sleep disorders is very well advised. Sleep like a champ; eat like a champ; train like a champ. It is really that simple, but as always the devil is in those pesky details.

etwsake -- I sent you a PM. Let's talk, in person if possible.

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06-25-2017 09:57 PM
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