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Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
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RE: Morbidly obese. Desperate for advice on where to start.
This will be my last post in this thread. I am back in touch privately with etwsake, someone I have traded messages with over the past 18 months and someone I consider a friend. He knows I am willing to offer him my help -- including in navigating the confusing Japanese medical system, to get his sleep tests done for starters -- if he decides he needs it.

(06-26-2017 05:44 AM)Phoenix Wrote:  You're not qualified, as some poster on the internet, unless you're willing to post your redacted record sheets of your clients progresses, including those who failed against your advice, or your evidence of formal study.

Just so we are all clear here: According to Phoenix, no one on this Forum is qualified to provide basic dietary or fitness advice unless he provides suitable evidence of formal study -- that is, he needs to show that he is a credentialed member of the Western medical/nutrition establishment. The very same Establishment that holds the following to be tenets of "settled science": Men should eat a high-carb, low-fat diet; cardio is the preferred method of exercise; intake of dietary cholesterol (such as in eggs) should be held to a minimum; high serum LDL levels should be medicated with statins, -- and on and on in a whole line of garbage "consensus" that has been peddled to an unthinking public for decades, with disastrous results.

Phoenix, thank you for stepping right up and very helpfully removing yourself from the chance of being taken seriously here any longer -- it saves us all a great deal of trouble. From now on, whenever anyone wonders where you are coming from with regard to dietary or work-out advice on the Forum, I will point them here so they know you can be safely ignored.

Phoenix Wrote:Yes I'll admit I failed...
Good. This admission is the first step on the road to greatness. I wish you all the best.

Phoenix Wrote:I get the feeling you're actually quite an aggressive person in real life when you perceive people pipe up against you.


Kid, your knack for arm-chair psychology is rivaled only by your understanding of health and fitness. In person I am the mellowest grape on the vine -- and I am willing to bet that any number of the 70 real men of the Forum I have met in person would agree.

The comedy is not lost on me, or anyone here, that you would label me "poster Tokyo Joe." Of the two of us, you are the only "poster" here; I am a meeter and a doer. I am not hiding behind a keyboard in "Japan" or "in my Mum's basement in suburban Adelaide."

Good luck to you, lad.


EDITED to add --

Thomas the Rhymer: Good to see you here. It's been a while. We know you are a certified medical doctor but I am terribly sorry to tell you that you are not allowed to dispense any health, nutrition, or fitness advice to etwsake until you have submitted official copies of your records of formal study to Phoenix. Thank you.Icon_biggrin

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