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Are there any reasons NOT to expatriate from the U.S.?
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RE: Are there any reasons NOT to expatriate from the U.S.?
Yeah, Debito is a uniquely weird character, and it's kind of hard to get a handle on the way in which he's weird unless you have a decent grasp of Japanese society.

The way I view Suit's complaints is this: there are certain things about a society, any society, which suck. But if you grow up in that society, you just kind of accept them as "the way things are", and you don't really think about them. For example, in the US, we think it's normal to have to drive to the store to buy what we need. I drove to my local grocery store this morning to get some dish soap, for instance. You might've gone too. I bet you didn't give it a second thought.

Driving to the store as opposed to walking is insanely unhealthy.

If you spend 20 minutes walking to the store, 20 minutes walking around the store, and 20 minutes coming back, you'll burn in the realm of 100 calories. Throw in all the other little things you drive to (your commute, for instance, or that time you had to go to the doctor's office) and you're looking at in the realm of 3500 calories a month or more. That's a pound of fat coming off, every month, just by living your life.

One of the biggest reasons Americans are so unhealthy and obese is that we drive everywhere instead of walking. But have you ever given a second thought to this? Have you ever said, "Man I hate driving everywhere. I wish I got to walk." If so, you're in the minority. 99% of Americans don't think this way.

But if someone were to move from Asia to the US, and live the exact same lifestyle they lived back home, eating the same foods, working the same job, going to the gym the same amount, they'd find themselves putting on a ton of weight. They'd probably say to themselves "Man, I miss walking everywhere. That was so good for my diet."

In the same way, there's stuff about China that sucks (Callousness, rampant cheating, etc.), but when you grow up with it as a part of life, you're inured to it. That's just how things are. But if you move in as a foreigner, all this stuff is new and shocking to you. You find it annoying and unpleasant in a way that someone who lived there all their life is won't. This isn't to say that the things Suits is describing don't bother Chinese people (No one likes to see people shitting on the side of the road), but they bother him worse than they would someone who spent their whole life in Beijing, just like a Chinese immigrant who moved here might find the pounds they were gaining now that they had to drive to work instead of walk infuriating.

That's my take on it, and it's definitely something to think about if you're seriously thinking about moving abroad.
06-03-2017 04:37 PM
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