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Are there any reasons NOT to expatriate from the U.S.?
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RE: Are there any reasons NOT to expatriate from the U.S.?
(06-17-2017 04:08 PM)Slam Wrote:  Some countries take an enormous amount of time and energy to become integrated into.

This is an underappreciated point and a good reason not to be moving around constantly. Full integration isn't really possible but mere understanding can be a long project. You have to understand their situation fully in order to understand their incentives, which in turn affect how they communicate, interact and negotiate with you.

The list of requirements doesn't say you need to bring a copy of your identification but you do. Locals somehow know this.

Why won't any taxis stop for you? Is it how you're dressed? Where you're waiting? No. It's because the drivers are finishing their shift, and they're only taking rides that are going in that direction, the direction of where poor people like them live. Locals grew up with this knowledge implicitly so they don't stop to think that an outsider won't know.

The city has a dozen, independent bus systems. There is no integration between them. They all look different and have different schedules, which are not posted anywhere. Their fare policies are all different. For some, you pay a fixed amount to the driver. For others, you must have exact change. For some, you pay at the end. For some, you can board in the rear. For others, you need a pre-paid card. The routes do not have numbers. There is no map. There is no online page that includes them. Google Maps doesn't know about most of them. No one knows to get to somewhere by bus unless they've personally taken it. No guidebook can adequately explain this.

You ask someone for directions. As a reference point, they mention a building that is no longer there. There know it's not there anymore but that's their point of reference.

There are no street signs. Why would there be? Everyone from there already knows where everything is, even if they don't know the names of the streets where they live.

A friend pays your bus fare. You start to pass him the money but he says later. You think he means that it's an inconvenient moment. That's not what he means.

You bring wine to someone's house a gift. They look at you strangely. No one drinks wine.

You get invited to a party. You're imagining a house, but it's in a bar. Parties are in bars. People live with their parents, so they often can't host a party at home, plus who
would want to go to their small house in a sketchy part of town. If you've come from a typical American city, you might not be expecting this.

Paco, who never has any money, buys everyone drinks. Why? Yesterday was payday, when the whole country gets paid. That's why the bar is full. In a few days Paco will be back to being broke. This all makes sense when you understand how the locals think about money, when they get paid and how they like to spend money.
06-17-2017 06:55 PM
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