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Renewable energy, Elon Musk, and Saudi Arabia
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Renewable energy, Elon Musk, and Saudi Arabia

Hi fellas. I have been a forum lurker for a long time and finally decided to join the party. Let me tell you that I am a staunch Trump supporter and consider myself a pragmatic conservative. I am a naturalized US citizen (former asylee) who loves this country and understands that this is the first and last place on earth that values personal freedom. There is simply no other place like this, and we need to be vigilant in order not to lose this gift. I will try to provide you with some scientifically solid talking points that you can use to demolish leftist propagandists and their minions. I took several advanced classes in physical energy, electricity, and natural resources in one of the most prestigious institutions in SoCal. My professor, a very respected scholar in his field, opened my eyes to the big fraud that is global warming.

Renewable energy

After Trump withdrew from the scam that’s called Paris accords, leftists went apeshit crazy. Surprisingly, some of you think that the days of hydrocarbons are counted and we should jump on the bandwagon of renewable energy. Capturing that energy is one thing, storing it is completely different. 99% of stored energy is in the form of elevated water behind dams. The remaining 1% is in lithium-ion and other batteries. When we capture energy from renewable sources, we don’t have enough storage capacity to harness it. It is either used or wasted. Additionally, when renewable energy exceeds 25% of total energy produced, it can congest and disrupt the grid. This is a big problem in LA County right now and if you want to sell your extra energy from solar panels to utilities, you need to pay a fee adopted last year. As you can see, we can’t indefinitely grow the number of solar panels and windmills. On the other hand, the carbon-carbon bonds in hydrocarbons are the best and most efficient form of energy storage. You just oxidize them when you need energy.

There is another phenomenon called the duck curve. There is a timing imbalance between peak energy demand and renewable energy production. The highest demand occurs after sunset when solar power is no longer available. This, combined with the unreliability of renewable energy sources (i.e. shifting winds, cloudy days, solar eclipse, etc.), make them a pain in the ass.

There has not been a disruptive change in the field of batteries, only incremental improvements. We still use the same chemicals (i.e. lithium, lead, zinc, nickel, carbon, etc.) and they are more harmful to the environment. The most efficient ones are lithium-based. However, lithium is in limited supply and is found mainly in South America. With current rates of production it will last until 2100. If we increase the rate, it will last only a couple of decades. In terms of energy density, methane/LNG/diesel/gasoline have specific energy ranging from 13,000 to 15,500 Watt-hour per kilogram. In comparison, lithium-ion batteries have specific energy ranging from 150 to 264 Watt-hour per kilogram. There is no way that batteries will become a viable alternative to hydrocarbons in our lifetime.

Elon Musk

This guy is Charles Ponzi of our times. I am fascinated by his ability to fool so many “smart” people. Tesla is the biggest corporate fraud of 21st century. How can a company that has not made a single dollar of profit throughout its existence be more valuable than Ford or GM? Tesla loses about $13k per each car produced. Elon is not a visionary but he can certainly tell fantasies that seem feasible. Without government and investor cash, his house of cards will collapse and crash this leftist utopian nonsense. I give his company six more months until his promise to deliver 500k Model 3s is broken and he can’t weasel out from that fiasco. This is the next big short and if you can predict the timing, you will become a multimillionaire.

Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, we don’t have and won’t have any alternatives to hydrocarbons. Trump is not stupid and his choice to visit those barbarians wasn’t an accident. World’s proven oil reserves stand at 2,100 billion barrels and annual consumption is about 35 billion barrels. If nothing changes, we have exactly 60 years of oil left. However, when China, India, and Africa complete their industrialization and become service-based economies even the tripling of oil reserves won’t be enough to postpone the catastrophe. Next year US annual oil production will exceed 10 million barrels per day, a new record. That amounts to 3.65 billion barrels a year. In 10-15 years, we will run out of oil. That’s why all eyes will shift to the North Pole.

Rusophobia is a direct result of this situation. We can’t survive without Russia’s oil and gas fields. Arab oil will win some time, but the battle for the North Pole is not in the distant future. In this context, natural gas and coal can save the day. When people say that coal is dead, they are talking out of their ass. Coal is the future you morons. The elites are not stupid and they want to preserve the planet through population reduction, restriction of movement, diets, and travel. Less movement means less energy consumption. Vegan lifestyle, yoga, tree-huggers, terrorism are all means to achieve this goal. In conclusion, winter is coming and there is little we can do about it.

06-06-2017 10:00 PM
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