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A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
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RE: A new Hitler has arisen, and MSM shelter him
The Venezuelan citizens on Twitter are desperately asking for help from POTUS, Santos, and Macri!

Maybe President Trump can mount a joint operation with President Mauricio Macri, letting Macri appear as the main actor of a strike? (unfortunately, the Venezuelan spy and bff of Hillary, Cristina, has destroyed the Argentinian military)

Or better, a swift Colombian tank intervention! A (POTUS-approved) strike by a Colombian plane on Maduro?

... If you are an American citizen, aren't you moved by starving people, crushed by a foreign dictator, desperately crying for help from POTUS? Can POTUS not act, when a communist mad man is going full-Hitler on his people, close to American shores?

Terminating foreign monstrous dictators, it's also MAGA! America was great when they fucked Hitler, America can be great again by fucking Maduro
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08-01-2017 03:10 AM
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