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Countdown to the destruction of Megyn Kelly's career
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RE: Countdown to the destruction of Megyn Kelly's career
In principle I have sympathy for Megyn Kelly.

She was engaging in some kind of stream-of-consciousness tomfoolery that entertained the idea that blackface might not be racist, but it's 2018 and while only a few years ago we had comedians like Kimmel and Fallon actually donning blackface for a comedy bit, the "culture" run by shrill SJW milllenial harpies now deems even discussing this issue a major faux pas and there are more than two genders too.

But, nevertheless, I hate her for a few good reasons:

1) She was a craven, warmongering cretin just like the rest of them while at Fox News

2) Her persona at Fox News is in stark contrast to her current persona, so she was either playing a role now or she was playing a role then. Either way, she's a shapeshifting whore for whoever dangles the right money.

3) The leaked calls to Alex Jones revealed her to be a manipulative and dishonest piece of shit who can't be trusted.

4) On her current show she has made a meal of #metoo, allowing any crazy chick with a flimsy story to tell a huge platform.

Fuck her and her crooked nose.
10-27-2018 01:08 PM
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