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Weighing Interesting unique job vs a stingy company
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RE: Weighing Interesting unique job vs a stingy company
If you're not there for the money, and not improving your skills increasing network etc, I don't see a reason why you're working there. Essentially you say you're working there because it allows you to live anywhere and it gives nice time off (which turns out to not happen much in reality, making you start again after 1/3 of your time off). Which is a bit of a contradiction because not working there would really allow you to live anywhere and give you 100% time off.
Get the hell out of there.

Non compete is only if you quit, correct? If they fire you, non compete becomes invalid?
Unless getting fired there messes up future employment opportunities (IE gives you a bad reputation in the industry), start doing things according to the books and what you're obliged to do. If you have to, report them to the goverment agency that oversees them (only if there is no way this blackbooks you elsewhere). They'll get rid of you soon enough.

A lot of these non competes tend to be totally ridiculous. For some time I did some work for a friend of mine (as a side job to my actual job) for maybe 4 hours a week. His standard contract had a non compete and I should ask permision for getting any other employment Big Grin
Obviously I told him to delete that entire chapter if he wanted me to sign it.
10-06-2017 02:08 PM
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