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Catalans declare independence from Spain
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RE: Catalans declare independence from Spain
(10-27-2017 03:03 PM)911 Wrote:  
(10-27-2017 02:44 PM)Icarus Wrote:  
(10-27-2017 02:33 PM)Arado Wrote:  Spain hasn't been willing to negotiate in good faith on the question of Catalan's subsidizing the Spanish federal budget

People forgot the 1992 Summer Olympics. Who subsidized whom back then?

Not just the Olympics, but decades of the Spanish government favoring the Barcelona region as an industrial center. This is not quite like in Italy, where the north has been an industrial and commercial powerhouse since the middle ages. Barcelona has been a footnote in Spanish history until last century. When you think of great historic Spanish cities, you think Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Cadiz etc...

That was then, this is now. Catalan is subsidizing Spain and is linguistically different - this is undeniable. This is also a recipe for separatism and resentment given human nature. Is that not a core nationalist impulse? Look at how the EU is taking Spain's side as well.

I still fail to see how a people that want to preserve their separate identity and use their tax money to help themselves rather than others is not nationalism. I don't deny that there are some EU/refugee worshippers and crazy feminists among them, but ultimately they want to preserve their identity and control their destiny. Their desire for refugees is about social preening, not about self hatred towards their own culture.

In the modern "rules based order" where nations don't have to worry about being invaded by others, there is no reason to tie yourself to a nation state that is a net drain on your finances.

Obviously if this was during the 1800's era of European great power competition or pre WW1/WW2 then perhaps Catalan would see the value of linking up with a local power so they wouldn't get steamrolled.

Even so, Spain hasn't been a great power in centuries so I could understand Catalan seeing them as dragging them down.
10-27-2017 04:18 PM
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