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Catalans declare independence from Spain
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RE: Catalans declare independence from Spain
One of the issues I don't get at all is that many of the Catalan secessionists are deeply on the left side, believing on the EU project with deep fervor with the loss of sovereignty that it entails with, naturally, the construction of a kind of federal Europe as designed and praised by disgusting individuals such as Guy Verhofstadt. That is for European leftists, their end goal and endgame.

Then why the hell would they secede from Spain just for, according to their project, join up in the same area later on under a different flag? This is not a nationalist project, this secession comes from two fronts: Those who don't care and do it out of pride without oversight and those who do it with oversight but with hidden, unclear motives. The latter has already got an office in the deeper layers of hell. I don't know how true it is so take it with a grain of salt, but some of the activists seem to be on the payroll of Mr Schwartz György.
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