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The Paradise Papers - Massive Offshore Banking Leak (Panama Papers 2.0)
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RE: The Paradise Papers - Massive Offshore Banking Leak (Panama Papers 2.0)
"The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on Thursday said the share of economic output taken by governments in developed economies as taxes has risen to its highest level since records began 50 years ago."

We are living in the biggest level of taxation in western countries in 50 years. And people wonder why we are being passed by China. Why are our economies so weak.

This type of news garbage just like the banana papers, are just a tool of manipulation for the peasants to enslave themselves more on taxation.
I did enjoy watching Soros on the list though. The guy who advocates openness has his company parked in one of the most secretive tax haven. This everybody already knew. The hypocrisy.

Buffett is a liar. His company pays taxes. Afterwards he pays capital gains when dividends are distributed. Of course since his managing people money the effect of taxation are dilluted. He´s not the owner of the company. This is not to say from a company who actually produces goods and his owned by few people and not just moves money around. Like him.

Most of the elite don´t need offshores because they live in offshores. Or have strawmans living in them. There´s always a loophole or backdoor for legal tax evasion. Always. A small circle gets the notice. And use it. Too many people start knowing about it. They close it and open another one.
Before the law is even published a heads up to major law firms and consulting firms is done. Most of the time these companies are the ones who draft the law.
Belgium doesn´t tax capital gains. How´s that? There´s more with Belgium. But I won´t publish on a public forum.
The tax persecution of public figures (vg Messi and Ronaldo) is to show nobody is above the law. And for the commoners to accept tax persecution and tax hikes. It´s to punish the rich cries the fool. They are being manipulated by their envy. But are the ones who suffer more. Because the rope always break in it´s weakest point.

Also when your in the elite you know exactly how the tax money is spent. And you can hear the guy bragging about it. I´m not talking about tax evasion. But money given by the state. For the left tax money is their own. They consider all state assets as their own. Literally. To dispose of them as they see fit.

What is taxed? Money circulation. What happens when money circulation is obstructed/atacked?

History has repeatedly shown countless times taxation destroys wealth. Creates abjects forms of misery.

“I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

― Winston S. Churchill
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