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Making Money Ryan's 5-6 Figure/Month Online Money Making Datasheet/Journey
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RE: Ryan's 5-6 Figure/Month Online Money Making Datasheet/Journey
(10-17-2018 11:22 PM)Aviel Wrote:  
(10-15-2018 09:34 AM)Captain Gh Wrote:  ^ How so a Failure? In what way? What are the metrics?

Way lower click rate compared to fb ads.

I'm thinking of running a giveaway ad to gain more followers and then later on sell to them. I see it's very successful when using influencer pages on Instagram, but I'll do it with an ad.

Interesting compared to my experience.

I ran an ad set the other day and set it to auto placement. It got a ton of impressions on facebook but the CTR was pretty low.

Then I edited the placement to only show on instagram and the CTR went way up.

There's a lot of variables that could be why we are seeing different results. Maybe it works better with certain products, designs, markets, etc.

My next step is actually ordering one of the shirts that has been selling the best to do some high quality creatives other than just psd mockups.

Once I get some better creatives I am going to mess around with scaling the ads more. Since this product is selling well with a minimal ad spend and simple mockups I think there is room to improve.
10-19-2018 08:30 AM
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