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MSM Article Written After Woman Finds RVF Homework & Whinges On Reddit
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RE: MSM Article Written After Woman Finds RVF Homework & Whinges On Reddit
(11-25-2017 11:20 PM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  Severely damaged woman laments her undateability despite admitting she's severely damaged.

I'm 55% serious when I think that some of these human train wrecks are seriously going to push for some kind of enforced sexual marketplace socialism in the near future.

Mass Tinder bans, perhaps, until matches are made by computer, offering no photos beforehand and failure to arrive for a date results in a permaban..

The push is pretty much already going on.

Feminists and their fellow travelers already push the notion that all women are beautiful and any criticism of women is met with ruthless attacks. We have morbidly obese 'models' (female, no male), yet any woman who is not revered for her standard issue cubical job shows how shallow men are. Any man who expresses some sort of physical preference that is considered 'conventional' is ruthlessly attacked as a misogynist.

Yet feminists can have all sorts of demands yet are rarely called out on their hypocrisy, or if so, don't care. In their mind they've been oppressed for so long so they think it's fair.

Articles that have been posted here show this, of so many women complaining about how they can't meet a 'good man' which includes physical attractiveness, charisma and financial stability. Yet many of these women are post wall hags and/or very fat. In other words, they bring nothing to the table that men, especially desirable men, want.

Point being, they want to impose their set of rules on what men should look for in a woman instead of letting the 'free market' decide. Sounds like socialism/communism to me.

11-26-2017 03:29 PM
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