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The TV Show 'Archer' Represents Everything That Is Wrong With Our World
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The TV Show 'Archer' Represents Everything That Is Wrong With Our World
[Image: Archer-Casting-Call-FilmFad.com_.jpg]

Time to channel my inner 2Wycked and write a long, detailed post about narcissism.

I know some of you guys are fans of the show Archer. I like the show as well. And yet, it burns my chaps.

You see, this show is essentially a very real example of the damaging effect of feminism on American society.

[Image: the-ladies-of-archer-138781895267.jpg]

The titular character Archer is a man with absolutely no discipline. None. And yet he's actually a pretty amazing spy. True masculinity revolves not around being the perfect man genetically, but putting in the hard work to become the man that you need to be.

A Profile Of A Natural Alpha

Archer is the natural alpha. He's just simply amazing at all things masculine. He never fails to have women to sleep with, he's an amazing shot with the smallest of handguns, despite never training and he's predictably good at vehicular chases, even performing a perfect PIT maneuver in Season 6, Episode 8, despite only having done it three times before.

[Image: sterling-archer.jpg]

There are always going to be a small percentage of men who are naturally skillful with women. They will be described as alphas and envied by many a man, but the truth is that these "natural players" always end up settling down with a ball-busting women that convinces him to marry her millimeters from her hitting the wall. He's quickly demoted to a mere paycheck, grateful to even be permitted one weekend a year to pursuit masculine pastimes.

The truth is that most true masculine men weren't born. They were made. By their own sweat and blood.

This is a fact that no woman wants to acknowledge. This is why there is such an intense emotional backlash against men who stride to improve their game. Women hate the idea of a man improving himself. She's far more comfortable in a world where the only man who find their way into her vaginal regions were born for the mission. The idea that a man could improve himself through hard work and self-education is horrifying to the female mind. This opens the door the possibility of less than perfect genetic material ejaculating within her loins.

The ideal female sexual storyline involves claims of "it just happened" and "it was meant to be." No woman wants a man to be able to choose who he has sex with.

This is why a character like Archer is appealing to women and weak-minded men. He is the ideal archetype from the female perspective. The genetically perfect man who just is, without any conscious effort on his part.

This emphasized by his pervasive immaturity. And yet despite, this, female lead Lana still goes out of her way to steal with sperm and impregnate herself with it, because, as she admits, he's the perfect genetic material.

This is the ultimate consequence of a society that idealizes chivelled man chins and fails to respects the true ingredients that build a healthy community. Strong, sustainable civilizations are built not by the efforts of genetically perfect men, but rather imperfect men who learn to become what they need to be to create the future that they want their off-spring to have. And even more importantly, by the equally sacrificial contributions of the women who pursue not status or superiority, but rather seek to support the imperfect, but ideally motivated men who are offering an equal sacrifice by giving their best years to create a healthy community where their offspring will thrive.

Natural alphas do not give a fuck about their offspring. They just wanna fuck more bitches until even that becomes boring. The real civilization builder isn't the man who was born perfect, but rather the man who was empowered by an equally imperfect female who committed herself to giving him a reason to get out of bed at 6AM every morning (if he slept at all) with the sole purpose to create a better future for those he loves.

Modern women don't want this. They want the perfect man who "just is." As the show Archer demonstrates, it provides great TV entertainment, but fails to breed a healthy community that will withstand the test of time.

The Truly Desirable Woman

Predictably, Archer repeatedly and routinely fails with Lana, the female ideal presented on the show.

[Image: latest?cb=20110418063809]

Lana is not impressed by Archer's immaturity. She admires his genetic material, but can't be in a relationship with him, because he behaves like a child. She's not like the other women who come and go in Archer's life. She's a constant, a woman worth respecting.

Unlike attractive, but low IQ women who routinely fall for Archer, she isn't impressed by him (beyond his clearly optimal genetic material). Rather, she knows the difference between a quality man and one not worth wasting time on. Naturally, they are coworkers, so she is forced to deal with him on a regular basis, which gives her an excuse for staying involved in his life while maintaining her feminist qualifications.

Some readers might point out that Lana struggles to actually lockdown any quality man. The more observation observer will point out that this is the feminist ideal -- the woman who has chosen a career over finding the perfect man. In truth, she's a useless bitch who can't even cook, but that's not how the show paints her. Rather, while Archer is a terrible father, she's a surprisingly wonderful mother who quickly adapts to the role, further fueling the myth that women are simply amazing with children and can "have it all™" without sacrificing. Have a career and children, you go girl!

Keep Your Guard Up

Archer is just one more example of why we need to keep our guard up while viewing modern Hollywood media. It all fucking sucks.

[Image: Archer-Woo.gif]
12-23-2017 11:39 AM
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