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Every Red Pill Truth Confirmed: "Low Ovarian Reserve."
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RE: Every Red Pill Truth Confirmed: "Low Ovarian Reserve."
(02-01-2018 05:25 PM)Enoch Wrote:  ^ The blackest of black pills. Society told women to spend their most fertile years getting a useless education then their next best 10-15 taking orders from a man who isn't their husband.

What could possibly go wrong?

The funny thing is that there would be a way to combine modern lifestyle with the God of Biomechanics:

+ teach Red Pill and Game in high schools - realities of evolutionary psychology - to both genders
+ encourage women to look for husband material at ages 18-22 while having the barest of education - tell them the metrics and probabilities of lifetime success (IQ, industriousness, orderliness + the Game that the buggers would have been taught in high school)
+ ages 18-25 encourage most women to marry, have kids, for the smartest ones offer online study courses
+ ages 26-30 those women that want to study - give them ample time to finish studies and further education if they want to
+ 30+ work if they want to since their kids would be in school

But this won't happen, because

A) we would become instantly a patriarchal society with stable marriages, strong men and strong families

B) the world would be much harder to rule for the ruling elite - higher wages, very low unemployment among men, more high-IQ children, strong men and more conservative women who would actually fight against madnesses like open borders, anti-Western bias in culture, cultural marxism, feminism, gender-madness, gay propaganda, even global warming bullshit etc.

So no - it makes perfect sense for big corporations to even fund freezing of eggs.
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02-02-2018 04:24 AM
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