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50 Shades of Fantasy
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50 Shades of Fantasy
So, I had to watch all three movies of the 50 Shades of Grey series. I somewhat ignored the second one cause I was distracting myself. It was with a lady friend in bed, which led to some nice kinkiness between them.

Firstly, this movie had nothing to do with erotic fantasy, or at least what I expected. The nude scenes were just normal B-tier HBO nudity flashes, and the characters were just as one dimensional as a Lifetime film. What I looked for through these movies was an analysis of what turns women on about it, and why they enjoy it. Clearly, it's not for just the sex, cause there's a sheer lack of it throughout the movie.

At its core, 50 shades is a typical love drama, where the usual target audience are female. Now there's Christian Grey. He's rich, stern, a bad boy, and is into domination. Every female's wet dream that is turned on by erotica. Then I thought back to the lessons I've learned here on Roosh and other material to tie into that whole image of a dominate man. There's clearly some cross overs (masculinity, confidence, stature), and then there's some clashes (guy falls in love with her and only her cause she's a bookworm average looking 5-6 at best). The message is clear, but it's just fantasy, right? This isnt exactly what women want. Only what the author wants.

Then I came across this article. I read it, cause I wanted to get a further insight into how a feminist male approached trying to be like Christian with what is probably a marriage where his wife is the dom.


Quote:Pensive Stares

If there’s one thing Christian Grey (and by proxy, actor Jamie Dornan) has down pat, it’s the smoldering stare. Although it gets leveraged more in the first film (before Ana finds her way past some of his emotional walls), Grey's stares are so intense it feels like he’s going to physically bore a hole through the screen. It seems less like a personality quirk and more like a tool he leverages. When a problem arises, he goes into “stare-mode” until the other person backs down. Personally, if I saw a guy do this in real life, I wouldn’t think, “wow, this is dominant behavior.” I would laugh and think, “this idiot has some serious behavioral issues and thinks staring is intimidating.” Actually, I wouldn’t even think it. I’d say it out loud. Let’s find out if I’m right or if there’s any kind of payoff to the silent stare.

My wife asked if I "wanted to make dinner tonight." I didn’t. Instead of using my words like a fully-formed adult human, I squared my jaw and fucking stared at her as hard as I could. She asked again, as if I didn’t hear her. She screamed it at me. By twenty seconds in, she had caught on that this was some kind of a “thing.” I bit my tongue hard to keep myself from laughing. “What the hell? I’m hungry. I don’t have time for this!” my wife shouted. I could taste blood now. How the hell does Christian Grey keep it together? Eventually, my wife relented and stormed off to the kitchen to whip something up. So technically, this strategy works, but it works in the same way a three-year-old throwing a tantrum in the middle of a department store works. It gets the result you want, but at the cost of you looking like a complete asshole. She still wound up making dinner though, so the point goes to Christian Grey.

Verdict: She was not turned on, but neither of us went hungry.

Using Money to Assert Dominance

There’s a scene early on in Fifty Shades Darker where Ana needs money for something (I forget what and I’m not going to bother looking it up, and if I'm wrong, oh well). Christian makes a phone call on the spot and deposits $25k into her account. Ana later donates the money as a power move, prompting Christian to act like it’s the first time he’s ever seen someone donate money before.

Before I proceed, there’s something important to note for anyone who isn’t married: once you make that holy covenant with another person, money generally ceases to be “your money.” There’s “our money” and there’s “money I used to secretly buy a new graphics card and hopefully my wife doesn’t look at the statement.” Impulse buys now have to cross the hurdle of both self-guilt and the scrutiny of another human being who doesn’t think eating ramen for a week is a worthwhile tradeoff for a new 4K TV. So, there’s no way I can deposit any amount of money into my wife’s account, because I’m really just shifting over money into a different account that we’d both use anyway. I’d need to do something else to demonstrate that money is sexy. That opportunity would finally come when we ran out of milk.

So again, just to be clear, in this instance it’s not about the amount of money. It’s about the action behind it. On the way home, we stopped at a convenience store to get a gallon of milk. I was tired, so I didn’t realize this was my opportunity until we were already at the counter. I was ill-prepared. As my wife was about to swipe her card, I hastily shouted, “NO I GOT THIS!” and threw a few crumpled up bills and a Sacagawea dollar on the counter. The cashier looked at me like I was high. My wife looked at me like I was high. She ended up paying for the milk anyway (just like Ana would). Also, I accidentally left the Sacagawea dollar behind, so this was a net loss. The milk was good, though, as far as milk goes.

Verdict: My wife, though confused, was decidedly not turned on.

Sexual Dominance

There’s a scene in Fifty Shades Darker where Christian puts Ben Wa balls inside Ana before they go to a fancy party thrown by Christian’s parents.

I asked my wife if she’d want to put a butt plug in before we met my parents at Chili’s and she told me to fuck off.

Verdict: This, in fact, actively turned her off.

In conclusion, only one of these tactics marginally worked to accomplish a goal, and I’m surprised I even managed the one win. I can probably only cash in on that “serious stare” tactic once. It worked, but certainly not as intended. No one would put up with that on a regular basis. But if the goal was to make my wife find me more attractive, I failed on all accounts. My wife didn't want to bang me in a Chili's bathroom while my parents wondered where we were. She found the staring annoying. And honestly, I think she's still confused by the milk ordeal.

There’s nothing wrong with being a rich, distant, borderline-psychotic billionaire who uses his money to connect with other people. But I would imagine that if I pulled this shit constantly, my wife would leave me and I really wouldn't blame her.

From this, you can see clearly what kind of wife he has. But he's not wrong at the end. "My wife would leave me." I'm surprised she hasn't left him now, but that can only mean he's the best she can do, which he should be aware to hoist over her if he was any of a man to begin with.
05-19-2018 03:34 PM
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