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The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
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RE: The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
(05-26-2018 04:25 PM)Zelcorpion Wrote:  I do believe that Pewdipie has become far more Red Pill.

There are even Red Pill compilations of his:

Here he also makes fun of his homecountry of Sweden as a rape-infested hellhole.

As for his girlfriend - she is Italian, thus more conservative for sure than it seems. Yes - she got tattoos just like Pewdipie, but she got them while being together with him.

They got together when she was 16 or 17 - I doubt that she racked much of a notch-count up. She appears to be one of those relatively innocent cutie-pie girls who have retained their girlishness because they have been fucking few men.

[Image: screen-shot-2018-05-20-at-10-57-01.png?w=750]

She is somewhere in the 8 attractiveness scale and we know that the stats back up for 8+ women to have the least partners (with notable exceptions).

Yes - we see the tats and the pink hair, but she has had one partner for almost 10 years while in her super-prime - and all happy about it. Also note the rather conventional almost conservative pics of her without showing of her impressive sexy body.

I seriously doubt that she fucks around on Felix.

And they intend to get married because she wants to have kids like any good Italian girl does in her 20s.

Even here where she teases with a beach vlog she is wearing a cutsey modesty bathing suit covering up her ass. It's not Islamic modesty, but not far off from the one displayed in the Christian Euro-past in the 1950s. Society can live with that well enough.

As for Pewdipie - he noted that he does not intend to play the clown forever - so it's much a cash grab for him now. What he will do later in life when he has a family and kids remains to be seen. He even made fun about him doing this clown-stuff in 15 years - so that means that a good portion of his online personality is for show and not exactly a direct reflection of his entire personality.

My guess is that he won't become too political but who knows - he will likely do lifestyle vids sometime later and comment only on the worst excesses while living somewhere in Asia or in some tourist locations. Even now he is already living in a UK tourist location.

Red piller guys just have hotter girls in general.

I think pewds to some extent does support the right-winged trump as well.

And say, he scored a pretty successful hot enough, feminine and sweet girl all to his credit -- altho if I were at his position I would definitely aim higher/more than "what normal people/families" would aim for
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