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The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
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RE: The Pewdiepie appreciation thread
(12-23-2018 12:46 AM)jorge1 Wrote:  As israeli, I'm deeply sad it happand to them. As i traveled in europe. i met tons of women who are brainwashed, every time i travel i meet this ultra liberal girls, they most like this because they have they have slept with them, I mean - you can't control it because arabs are everywhere. i just feel i know, what we israelis deals for years with,l.
even if this women did mistakes, they should have not died like this, horrible, horrible, i can't even describe it.

in israel though things like that happens to civilians, once it happans, the entire army hunts them down and finish them. it always happans.

never the less, not all arabs like this, just many of them, i know people who travel to Morocco regularly.

I really hope their king will not just hung them, but will torture this savages.

Wrong thread bud

"A stripper last night brought up "Rich Dad Poor Dad" when I mentioned, "Think and Grow Rich""
12-23-2018 12:53 AM
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