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Jammed finger/Trigger Finger
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RE: Jammed finger/Trigger Finger
I had a similar situation with the middle knuckle of my middle finger.

I think your diet will play big role in this. Perhaps do a google search about nutrition and reducing inflammation. I think the TLDR is going to be to avoid processed foods and sugary foods altogether, avoid bad oils like cooking in vegetable oil, more water less caffeine and alcohol, more fish less red meat, plenty of vegetables. Fish oil is supposed to be anti-inflammatory and there seems to be experts on both sides of the fish oil debate, so I don't know if it works but it might.

When you pop a knuckle, the sound you here is a bubble bursting in the synovial fluid as the joint shifts positions. One way to pop a knuckle is pulling or stretching out your finger. This next part is a little bro-sciency so follow it at your own risk.... With my middle finger, it was jammed for a very long time and the slightest push in the wrong direction would agitate it and cause the inflammation and swelling to persist. This would happen a lot when I washed my hands. I think the swelling was holding the bones in a position where it was easy to agitate the injury. One time that the swelling had gone down a bit, I pulled the finger and was able to pop the knuckle for the first time. It was a strange feeling but the injury healed within about a week of that happening. I think it was all of matter of the positioning of the knuckle.

If it happened to me again I would be diligent with diet, ice the injury a lot to reduce inflammation and depending on the circumstances I might try to pop the knuckle into a better position.
07-26-2018 01:18 PM
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