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Jammed finger/Trigger Finger
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RE: Jammed finger/Trigger Finger
I played guitar for the first time in seven months since my injury. Played for an hour, the next day my thumb was fine.

Next day: again an hour, no problem

Next day: again an hour ... tiny problem, felt a hot pinch in the affected area, so took it easy.

Overall, the problem ( Quervains Syndrome) is getting better, I think this is due to completely stopping the activity that caused it in the first place and that was playing guitar. There's an artist named Feist that was told by a doctor to not sing or do anything with her vocal chords for a whole year, she took the advice and now she has a great career. Miles Davis on the other hand probably didn't rest his vocal chords and ended up with that distinctive whisper-voice.

I also got trigger finger from work, I'd wake up with my middle-finger locked into place. I found out what caused it, a movement I was repeating several times a day. I found another way to do the movement and it's slooowly getting better.

I was thinking about expansion and contraction, and how often these two forces are found everywhere in life/nature. Some people think icing is bad, not sure, I'm thinking about a hot then cold treatment for a tendon, the heat for expansion and blood flow, then ice to put the tendon to sleep, so to speak, to make it rest, then normal activity the rest of the day. Maybe a hot/cold treatment three times a day.

For sure an absolute must for tendonitis seems to be complete non-use initially, but this is almost impossible when it's your hand and you need to work.
12-08-2018 12:10 PM
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