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Who are the best to learn from in 2018?
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RE: Who are the best to learn from in 2018?
(12-31-2018 03:18 PM)corsega Wrote:  Do you have a blog? Do you have material? What are your philosophies?

Or, if you prefer to evaluate it by your metrics:
- What are your results?
- What do you look like?
- What is the looks difference between you and the girls you have banged?

But the real kicker:
- Are you happy and fulfilled?

In the previously discussed context, none of this really matters. Because the fact that certain other people, certain processes in the PUA community are toxic, does not depend on my person. BTW Many other people noticed the things I was speaking about.

I don't have a blog, or a material. My philosophy is based on learning from some naturals I know, out of the "known schools", it's most similiar to Gunwitch.

As for looks and results, I'm a 6-7 "above average, but not impressive" guy, who banged some 8s and dozens of 7, plus a few 5-6. These were 8s and 7s by my standards, might be 9s and 8s by your standards, if you give Todds GF a 5, or even 5.5.

Happy and fulfilled? No, I'm having problems unrelated to women. But I was very fulfilled before the unrelated problems hit me.

(12-31-2018 03:35 PM)Irish Wrote:  Deleting your first 4 aspie rant posts on this thread would be a start...

What about my post is "aspie"?

It's sad to see how the same problems perpetuate over and over in the PUA community. Is being sad about this "aspie"?

(12-31-2018 07:15 PM)GT777733 Wrote:  @CharmingPsychopath - you are generally right about everything you are saying. Especially RSD.

It's not worth arguing it or discussing it with some people though.

Guys involved in the pickup industry (students, coaches and those in the community) don't want to see the industry and the people involved in it for what it is until they are ready to see it

Yes, I know. Sad

(01-01-2019 07:11 AM)Irish Wrote:  Can you give more details on this? What specifically did they do to turn you off them so much? Not doubting you, just interested to hear first hand experiences of dealing with commercial dating coaches etc so we can understand what it's really like behind the veener of the youtube videos

Yes, sure.

BTW If what I will write will sound weird, even bizarre, then I'm describing it correctly, because that's how it was.

They both had a weird, unpleasant vibe and behaviour, which was especially bad in case of Owen.

Their vibe/behaviour was outgoing and social, but actually unfriendly, mean and socially "abrasive". They were kind of mean, rude to people and you could tell that they consider it cool and expected good reactions from women by doing this.

It was vaguely similiar to "Cocky & Funny", but I would call it "Cocky & Rude/Mean & Weird". In Julien's case there was more humor there, but it was still bad.

I don't remember the precise lines, but I can try to convey the impression using my own words:

Let's say we two would meet in real life and I would say somehing like: "Man, you look shitty, you look like an incel, hahaha. You're Irish, right? I hate Irish, all the Irish people I've met were stupid, hahaha".

What I'm trying to convey here, is behaviour (and vibe), which doesn't make friends among normal people.

They were extroverted, outspoken in a bad manner, similiar to a rude drunk guy, who's walking a street and shouting, saying rude stuff to girls. It was shameful and unattractive, like a drunk guy's behaviour. Plus it was additionally weird, as the guys were supposedly master of "social dynamics".

Somebody could say that maybe they were "building value", "buying temperature" or something like that. But whatever they were doing, it didn't work too well. The girls were looking at Owen with revulsion, reacting to him in a "get lost creep" manner. Their reactions to Julien seemed mixed, but I think they would be much worse if he wasn't a tall, good looking guy.

It was shocking to see how bad they were, but another shocking thing was how they seemed to be totally, and I mean totally oblivious to how bad their behaviour/vibe is and how badly it's affecting the girls. They seemed to think that what they're doing is awesome, the best thing ever. It looked like they do not evaluate what they're doing according to the results, impact on girls they've having, but instead according to some "we are the best" dogma.

My impression was that Julien is a weird, unpleasant guy, but Owen was much worse, to me he looked completely delusional.

Quote:I've met some seriously weird dudes from pickup forums, particularly daygamers. But RSD fanboys take weird to whole new heights.

Compare your "take weird to whole new heights" to what I wrote above. I really don't think it's coincidence that such "gurus" attract (perhaps also create?) that kind of fans.
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