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Who are the best to learn from in 2018?
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RE: Who are the best to learn from in 2018?
(12-31-2018 07:52 PM)corsega Wrote:  [quote='GT777733' pid='1913524' dateline='1546301742']
@CharmingPsychopath - you are generally right about everything you are saying. Especially RSD.

It's not worth arguing it or discussing it with some people though.

Guys involved in the pickup industry (students, coaches and those in the community) don't want to see the industry and the people involved in it for what it is until they are ready to see it

*Don't confuse this with me saying the pickup industry should not exist. What I am saying is that it is marketed, communicated and sold in completely the wrong way - and beginners or guys that don't know any better tend to get the wrong idea, develop a guru complex about the guys on YouTube teaching it (without knowing these guys' pasts or knowing what their day to day lives actually look like - pro tip: completely different to what they show you and tell you in their videos in 99.9% of cases), tend to get stuck in it and begin to think it can deliver them something it can't.

Of course he's generally right. Guru complex, false gods, fake infields, blah, blah, blah. Anyone with an above-average IQ and red pill awareness knows this about the pickup industry.

Yet he's provided no alternatives for TEACHERS. Individuals who are experts in their chosen fields, and good enough at pedagogy to inspire learning.

I stand by my recommendations. If someone else can recommend someone who they think is better at teaching (operative word here) the disciplines I listed out, please let me know and I will check them out.


I gave a pretty good run down of what guys can do on page 2 of this thread

I'd never recommend an online course or product

Spend the time watching a very broad range of the free content on YouTube - zero in on the videos and teachers that have practical or real life advice you can apply (filter out all the marketing and hype videos). Monitor your time and attention on this carefully.

Spend a lot of time going out and getting first hand experience - this is the most important part while you are in the pickup phase (it should be exactly that - just a phase - kind of like a college education - you do it for a few years, and you're out after that)

Once you hit a plateau (you will - because you only have so much time and you will hit the plateau usually of 6's and 7's mostly) - consider going and doing an immersion somewhere like Vegas or in a big European city (not 100% necessary, but it could probably show you and teach you things you wouldn't have learned if you were just doing pickup regularly with friends or by yourself - do note though - immersion is an artificial environment that is unsustainable long term - it's more a teaching tool), and also go travel to different countries to see if you get different results anywhere else

At this point, get out of pickup completely.

Go build out other areas of your life like money, career, health etc., and build real life friends and connections (but you will have a good base understanding of attraction, dating and social dynamics too)

This will give you a balance of short term and long term strategy.

Once you have your life sorted, consider doing something bigger than yourself for other people or for society - this is the next level beyond girls, travel, and things centred all around you.

I also recommend guys watch/read up on red and black pill material - Roosh is obviously a good one for this

If you do an immersion - consider doing it with a company you feel has your best interests first, or someone you feel you got value from by watching their material

If you feel you got value from Roosh's material and this forum - consider buying a book or book/s

^^^Pickup, red pill, black pill, MGTOW - all this stuff should be treated like an arrow in your arrow pouch. You get into it, become aware of the concepts, and have them to deploy in your life in the future - without getting too immersed or mentally caught up in any one of them. None of them are a final answer.

You ultimately need to balance all this online stuff and all these concepts with living a real and natural life.

- This answer is missing a lot, but it encapsulates a lot too.
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