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The "Is Google Just Shit?" Thread
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The "Is Google Just Shit?" Thread

Long-time lurker, rare poster (I've been in an LTR for a few years).

A few Roosh Hours ago, it was pointed out how the Google staff (who had their pictures taken at the protests) didn't look like the technical wizards we've come to expect of Google's apparent expertise. In fact, many just look a bit... weird:

[Image: gyrvqoq.jpg]

As someone who has followed the rise of Google over the last 20 years, this was some harsh truth.

Despite being massively successful, Google has now become a bloated shadow of its former self. Apparently 20,000 Google staff walked out during one day of protest - what organisation could make the argument that 20,000 staff are essential to its operation? They evidently weren't that essential because Google actually supported a walk-out of its own staff.

In the same video, Roosh theorised that Google's "advanced algothirim" for detecting bad content is little more than a find and replace tool.

That idea has stuck with me, and since then I've thought about other seemingly simple things that Google are working on which haven't come to fruition. This goes from everything from the obvious limits of Google Assistant (it can't read me my text messages or emails???) to their self-driving car project which has been met with limited success (which they've thrown money at since 2009).

This has really been highlighted today, with the notification on YouTube about Article 13 (the EU's forthcoming copyright law). At the bottom, there's a link to a generically-named pdf document (good work, Google Communications) where they basically admit that Content ID is not up to scratch to do any filtering on the scale needed of the new law.

To me, this only supports the idea that Google aren't really good with technology anymore. Content ID is not up to scratch, and I think there's not actually a massively complicated algorithm running the show at YouTube - instead it's probably just a couple of thousand low-paid (and apparently sexually harassed) staff reacting to reports and general bad press.

Am I going crazy here? I read Douglas Edwards' book about Google when I was 22 and it really influenced my work ethic... but fuck, I don't think there's many people left there from those early days.
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