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What you can acheive in 4 months
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RE: What you can acheive in 4 months
(12-17-2018 01:15 PM)porscheguy Wrote:  Uprising- I am beginning to make the transition into using more free weights as they will provide better results.

Richard Turpin- not a bad idea. When I started posting pics on Facebook it wasn’t about showing off. In a way, it was about making myself accountable to others, but mostly, in being accountable to others, it forces me to be accountable to myself. I own all of my successes and failures. I was a bit nervous about posting my fat pic, but what really made me nervous was the first time I posted a progress pic on Facebook.

Montrose- I don’t think anyone is jumping to conclusions regarding training programs. I post my data, and say what I’ve done. Let me give you a little timeline here.
7/20: I’m in the drive thru at Wendy’s and reading the calories on food items. This is when I have my “moment of clarity” and realize that a large baconator value meal and a frosty are at the caloric limit for someone a bit younger and far more active than me. I make the decision right there to begin reducing my daily caloric intake.
7/24: I begin to move to a new house, a process that will take two weeks. I begin to weigh in daily and continue to monitor/reduce caloric intake.
8/07: I am pretty much finished moving and my activity level has dropped off. I’ve lost 10lbs in the process. I continue to weigh in daily.
8/15: my weight didn’t budge over the previous week but daily caloric intake was still restricted. Conclusion: physical activity must be increased or caloric intake must be reduced further. I go to the gym and sign up.
9/01: I lost a few pounds, working out 4-5 days/week. Progress seems slower than it should be. Conclusion: low carb diet.
9/27: I’ve lost 12lbs or so during September. I have my first kidney stone. At this point I weigh 210lbs. My weight will not go down again until Thanksgiving week. I missed 1 week at the gym during the kidney stone.
11/19: I’m down to 205lbs. By the following seeking I’m up to 209lbs.
12/3: back down to 205lbs.
12/7: 201lbs. Then I went on a cheating spree.
12/14: 207lbs. Find out some info regarding some personal things. No more time for BS. Time to go back into full weight loss mode.
12/17: 204lbs. I expect to be back to 201 or below by the end of this week.

How much can be attributed to working out? I don’t know. How much is diet? I don’t know. Does it matter? No. Do I look better than I have in 15+ years? Yes. Am I stronger now? Yes. Do people in general react differently to me now? Yes. Women? Their reaction is mind blowing. I’m getting “OMG Hot!” from girls in their early 20s. Girls I went to high school with are now like “where was this version of you 25 years ago?” The gazes of soccer moms at the grocery store used to go right through me. Now they stop and linger. A month ago I went to buy a new jacket. The clerk who was pretty built himself commented “you’ve got a serious set of shoulders on you.” Next thing I know, the two women in the store shopping are watching me. One has a soyish BF she’s trying to ignore. The other is unattached at the moment and quite frank. She’s telling me “go for the fitted one in large because you really need to show yourself off.” This is a pricey store in downtown Annapolis. These women are high 7s/low 8s. Am I suggesting they wanted to fuck me in the back room? This isn’t penthouse letters. What I am saying is that if either woman got fucked that night, there’s a good chance that I crossed their minds while they took the dick.

I’m not here to proselytize about what’s best or not. I’m here to tell you where I was, Where I am, and how I got here. In 4 months I went from an average guy who was largely invisible, to someone that gets noticed.

Impressive journey and results. Your willpower is something many don't have, both in changing their lifestyle (gym 4x a week + diet).

Curious as to what diet changes you made? What did you cut out completely, and what do supplement that with? Speaking of supplements, did you take anything during these 4 months?
12-25-2018 08:32 AM
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