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How do you guys feel about the drug crisis + my experience
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RE: How do you guys feel about the drug crisis + my experience
(02-24-2019 01:06 PM)EndsExpect Wrote:  
(02-22-2019 07:24 PM)spydersuit Wrote:  How do you define crisis?
And a Crisis, compared to what?

[Image: odr-graph1.jpg]

To my opinion this is a massive crisis. It's a huge driving force in the explosion of homelessness we see in most left wing urban centers, and it has absolutely devastated rural towns and cities!

I've worked in medical sales for years and this is the absolute worst I've ever seen it. I spoke to a C-Suite exec for a 50 hospital chain about this last year. He said this is the WORST it's ever been in the US. He said drug use in the 1960's and 70's was much more widespread and common, however the drugs were low dose and weak. Today the drugs are synthetic and often 10 to 100 times stronger than heroin back then. That is the primary reason people can't get off the drugs and what's killing them especially in combination with other things like antidepressants.

Look, I know a lot of drug reps that were pushing Oxy back in the early 2000's. Going around telling physicians that it was safe an non addictive. They even had a bullshit study to back it up. The dumbass docs bought into it hard, mostly because they read a phony ass study and some 20 year old girl pharma rep had nice tits. So, they started handing out Oxy like candy on halloween and lots of people started getting addicted. People that had never been addicted before. It's mostly rural, working class white guys. A lot of these are folks who were hit hard by the 08 recession.

The Obama administration completely ignored this. Even when it became apparent to the medical community that there was a huge problem.

Also... Chinese Fentanyl is the second part of this issue. Mostly inner city drug dealers started cutting the Heroin with Fentanyl. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin and it's used for surgery. It's VERY easy to overdose and die on this. The drug dealers don't know shit about how strong they are mixing this... so they fuck up and kill people in big waves!

So, in my opinion we need to pull a Duterte. Start shooting drug dealers in the street. These are scumbag serial killers now. Just fucking shoot them. Then we should publicly execute several pharma execs. Follow that up by seizing all assets of Obama officials to pay for free treatment centers!

I was with you up until your ending but hey to each is own! At least your graph + your experience in the medical field clearly illustrates about this being a crisis! I believe my aversion to pills is stemming from my childhood wrestling Heroes commonly dying with some sort of "Pill Addiction". If tough mofos like old school wrestlers were dying like flies... even at 14 no doc could've convinced me that this shit was safe! Hell Nah!

In my book it's better to be proactive & call it a crisis... then to be reactive & watch this shit get worse! I was already like this but now I'll be even more diligent! If it ain't saving my life right now, or it's not an Advil... I ain't taking it period!
02-24-2019 02:06 PM
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