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Should Women Who Joined ISIS Be Allowed Back to the West?
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RE: Should Women Who Joined ISIS Be Allowed Back to the West?
(02-20-2019 08:59 PM)worldwidetraveler Wrote:  
(02-20-2019 08:54 PM)Heuristics Wrote:  I mean it happens all the time, even though it isn’t technically supposed to happen. If they have dual passports there is no hesitation to strip them of citizenships, although it has happened with people with only one passport.

As I mentioned people in the US have been made stateless before.

I didn't realize that was happening. I'm wondering if we will find out to what extent this is possible with the British woman getting her citizenship stripped. Apparently she doesn't have another citizenship which could open this up to a legal fight.

I agree with Sp5 that this is a serious "slippery slope" that could become a very bad thing. It would be better for all of our rights if they took the person into custody and put her on trial as a citizen.

Absolutely without question she should be allowed to return. From what I read, she was born in the UK, grew up there, and the place they're claiming she has other ties (Bangladesh) she's never been to.

By all means, string her up, send her to jail for supporting terrorism, throw the book at her with no sympathy, but these are two entirely different issues in my opinion.

It's far more disconcerting that a good many people's here principles are so flexible. Supposedly people support free speech, presumption of innocence, real trials vs media kangaroo circuses, and not having your citizenship taken away on a whim, but are only too happy to applaud these very injustices when the victim on the receiving end is an enemy.

This is outcome independence. Forget she's a terrorist for a second. The question you need to ask, is "are there things that are so egregious that you should deserve to have your citizenship acquired by birth stripped?" Similarly "Are there things that warrant your very own gov't killing you without trial" like they did to some poor bastard years back via drone?

For me the answer to both these questions is a resounding no. Yes this lady is a pretty fringe case whom just about everyone should rightfully despise. It's for these instances when you need to be as steadfast as you can in your commitment to the rule of law. Because if you support her being stripped of her citizenship, who gets to decide which cases result in that down the road as she certainly won't be the last? Many would equate her hatred of the west with many's on here supposed 'hatred' of women, so anyone here could be next in line and told to fuck off to a country with tenuous links that they've never been to.
02-20-2019 09:37 PM
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