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Worship of youth years weaponized to rob men of their prime.
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Worship of youth years weaponized to rob men of their prime.
For those of you genuinely interested in a discussion instead of making things personal, I present a somewhat controversial and provocative discussion.

Then again, a wise man did say free speech is not free...

And for those who want a genuine discussion......

Something has come over me in the past years that has slowly grown to making me miserable on some days and I think it mentally affects more guys (outside of those that peaked early in life) than we would care to admit, but thankfully I am slowly getting over it. It is all around me, in messages I see in media, society, and among socializing with normal folks.....

Speaking about things we don't want to admit, all of us in here are to some degree affected by society and media, even if we might deny it or claim to be "red pilled". In fact, because it affects so many of our fellow men and even our fellow citizens, it affects us.

This is one of those threads were I borderline go conspiracy theorist on you guys. Let's ask a few questions:

How often have you heard high school years being described as being the "best four years of your life"?

How often have you heard college being described as the "best four years of your life"?

Chances are if you live in the US, where things like fun, excitement, and getting around are concerned, those years are considered the peak. Except there is one idea that exists, men peak later in life than women do and usually tend to get more attractive with age compared to women.

The years where women are generally at their peak (anywhere from 18 to early 20s)?

Note that in the grand scheme of history, college (especially as a means of partying rather than learning), is a relatively new phenomenon. It used to be that college was for the very few and wealthy to educate their kids, not accessible for most.

Considered the most fun years of anyone's life to party, experiment, hookup, make friends, socialize, and have the time of your life. The years considered to be "cool" and the phase of life a lot of movies, advertisements, media, and even the general thoughts of society are geared towards whenever we think about fun, excitement, hooking up, getting around, and doing cool shit. Sex during this phase of life is portrayed as hot, spicy, arousing, and a great whirlwind of emotions.

Outside of the jock and rich frat guy, most guys were not at their peak during these years. I am finding that most guys were not the prime college players with the dibs on the hottest sorority girls.

How about the years where men start to peak (anywhere from late 20s to our 30s)?

Considered the years to "get serious" about life; synonymous with marriage, kids, settling down, and admitting that your best days are behind you. The years of the boring adult because adults are lame, no more getting around and no more making cool friends to do fun shit with, you should have gotten it out of your system in college. Rarely is it seen as normal or something even remotely "cool" by media for a man to be single after this age and still getting around.

Outside of the rare Hugh Hefner story, the idea of a man using his wealth to fuck around with women, have a cool social life, party it up, and have his fun is so foreign to almost everyone that it may as well be a fantasy.

Weird thing is, it is such a strong influence that a lot of forum members would actually agree that it is good for a man to be settled down into a marriage with kids once he is past the age of thirty compared to him experimenting with his peak sexual value.

It affects us more than we think.

When women are in their peak social years, everyone has the least amount of "responsibilities" which means things like social life and making new single friends is something not only somewhat more doable but also socially accepted. You go to college, you're supposed to make a ton of new friends and go to a ton of new parties.

Now compare that to a man's peak years, fellow men your age start to get married with kids. People around you start to put off things that are fun and life gets more "serious" to where everyone expects a marriage, kids, and something more "stable" from you. It is abnormal and even strange for you to be doing things like sleeping around, making new friends, going out to party, socialize, and doing stuff you find fun as a man after you have made it in life.

You made it, earned all the money, great, now go fucking get married and grow the fuck up already!

It is this gut-wrenching feeling that after all of a man's hard work in life of building up his empire, making money, and succeeding in life that he is not allowed to enjoy his riches. He is being hounded by society to get married already and have kids now that he is in his prime, at times even punished and ostracized for sleeping around, making new friends, and escaping the marriage life. That no matter how hard a man works or what he does, his prime years are almost incomparable to that of a woman's and any entity that peaked the same age as women did.

Maybe that is just how it is supposed to be, maybe we fantasize about an unrealistic life as men, and perhaps it is time to stop resisting and give in to the expectation of a marriage and kid by the age of 30 or forever be condemned. Maybe the fun and exciting years of life stopped at 25.

For most guys who were not the rich kid in a fraternity or a star athlete on campus, the youth years left some things to be desired. A good bit of guys who are on this forum probably came to improve themselves and work towards a greater result with life and with women. To have the cool life they could never get in their youth, some of it due to circumstances out of their control.

Yet at every turn, society and media try hard to convince them it is abnormal and quite the lie. American society and media tell them that it is a lie, and most men fall for it, meaning less and less men after a certain age are eligible to live that life and if they live that life they are mostly alone in it.

Maybe society is conveniently set up in a way that the years were are supposed to peak are the prime years for fun, sex and social opportunities for both sexes while the years men are supposed to peak are the worst.

I am missing something here as an American but I cannot help but think that the reason high school and college years are overwhelmingly, aggressively, and passionately worshiped by American society might have something to do with them being the years that women peak. Meanwhile, life after the early 20s is loathed and seen as miserable bland hell for fun, sex, and socializing because men happen to peak in those years.
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