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Soph - Red Pill Gen Z and beyond
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Soph - Red Pill Gen Z and beyond
As has been mentioned by numerous bloggers, youtubers, and other online media outlets, Soph is a 14 year old teenage girl from the Bay Area that began speaking out against and making fun of mainstream political and media coverage. Her latest Youtube video went viral and was immediately removed following Buzzfeed's condemnation. The usual routine of censorship was then initiated against her by Globohomo: her videos demonetized and her channel awarded multiple strikes.

[Image: Untitled-1-11-620x414.jpg]

From reclaimthenet.org:
YouTube censors 14-year-old creator Soph after BuzzFeed hit piece
Quote:This time BuzzFeed attempted to smear 14-year-old YouTube creator Soph who creates comedic videos that poke fun at religion, identity politics, and SJWs. Shortly after the piece was published, Soph reported that her ability to live stream and upload videos had been temporarily blocked by YouTube. Then YouTube removed some of her videos and issued three strikes against her channel which could lead to it being terminated

Quote:Shortly after BuzzFeed published its hit piece, Soph confirmed that she had received two strikes on her YouTube channel for a video titled “Woke Commie Kid” and also had her ability to live stream and upload videos temporarily disabled

Quote:She is now asking her audience to follow her on BitChute where she will be posting future updates. BitChute embraces free speech, so even if this third strike leads to her YouTube account being taken down, she will still be able to continue posting new content and communicating with her fans via BitChute.

The video can be found on BitChute video here (need to add BitChute video embedding to the forum!):

But getting back to the title of the thread. This girl and her videos speak to a critical point pertaining to Gen Z kids in the West: as they continue to mature and take their place in the world, those that were red-pilled from childhood (no small minority) are finding new ways to dissent and make themselves heard (their trolling on the tic tok app is another example). Even more key is that they don't succumb to the Blackpill because they have the support of their parents to reinforce their worldview and mitigate feelings of isolation. Red Pill Gen Z's maturation will result in a major shift in the paradigm of western thought over the next decade. Recognizing and fostering their development along the way is a high priority.

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