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I just got suspended from Twitter for 7 days
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RE: I just got suspended from Twitter for 7 days
(05-18-2019 10:14 AM)Roosh Wrote:  For using the phrase "tranny freak".

Guys, please help, ive been perma banned for standing beside Roosh on his recent pants vs skirts post and arguing with liberals and catladies.

tweets in question:

@Krisz1ian @Frosty_Steffie @onedarwinian @rooshv So destroying you with reasoning = gettin mad in a women's mind ?? simply triggered you cos truth hurts. Only you who's mad here. You know "hos mad, hos bad" ?

@Krisz1ian @Frosty_Steffie @onedarwinian @rooshv While you whore out all you want sexy clothes and shaking your ass craving, boosting, begging attention from men. Extremely delusional hipocrisy. BTW what the hell is matriarcy w no rapefugees? you even watch EU ?? news?? It was 95 percent liberal women who invited these ppl...

these are absolutely mild slurs while the liberals used cursing left n right which is still there!
im not even a seasoned twitter, and have little activity.
banning for hoes and whore out??? these people raving mad?

also have screenshots, where shoud I post them?
any right wing site that documents twitters cencorship?
now they ban for a simple heated argument with a liberal?

They even threaten me not to make another account!!

Roosh my Man, I was standing beside you, any advice? is nonsense!

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08-02-2019 11:24 PM
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