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CRISPR babies at risk for early death
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RE: CRISPR babies at risk for early death
Quote:We can fall back on the "no free lunch" argument and say that these super-genius-edited babies would suffer from some unforeseen ailment that would put the benefits of their edited genes to heel, but that isn't actually a given.

Would have to disagree, it very much is a given. All you have to do is look at actual geniuses and see how well they fair. Outside of specialized fields such as academia (Terrence Tao, Ted Kaczynski, Einstein) and the tech industry (Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates), geniuses do phenomenally bad.

Not to mention, they often don't get laid. That's the unforeseen ailment.

You spend enough time with super geniuses and you realize there's a good reason that the human IQ average in high achieving societies seems stuck in the low 100s.

I don't think super high IQ people would take over societies. More likely, they'll be self-destructive like Rick on Rick 'n Morty. Societies actually function well when a good chunk of people are around the 100-120 mark. Smart enough to function, dumb enough to not question the point of it all.

As was said in this thread, at some point you become too smart to even want to play the game. As a crude analogy, imagine taking an 115 IQ human being and planting his brain into a cow. Cows spend most of their days eating and pooping. The 115 IQ cow would probably walk over to the slaughterhouse free willing due to the sheer boredom he faces.

People have an extremely hard time believing in trade-offs. It's understandable, once you realize everything ends up going to zero in the long run, it can be hard to justify any action. But it doesn't change the fact that Fortis is right, there is no free lunch.

How long it takes to discover the actual cost is a different question though. It could possibly take centuries for the full effects to manifest itself. Often, or really always, with technology the benefits come first. The costs are always on the backend.

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06-09-2019 10:48 AM
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