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CRISPR babies at risk for early death
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RE: CRISPR babies at risk for early death
(06-09-2019 08:14 PM)Atlanta Man Wrote:  China has no incentive to be ethical, single party control of their government , and has more people than they know what to do with-They shall lead the CRISPR revolution.

On paper, they will, but with the way they execute things here, the CRISPR revolution will lead them.

What I mean is that they're most likely botch it in some area that fucks them badly. They are very much min/max thinkers. They're the sorts of people who think that just stacking more and more IQ on top the society will solve it's problems without realizing that regulations are just slightly less complex puzzles as people get smarter and smarter.

They have a regime predicated on lying to their population about their past and even killing them off if they ask too many questions. How do they plan to hide the past against people who might be smart enough to dig into and get past the bullshit?

We already see how they get called out by foreign nations for their bullshit and how they react. I think CRISPR would directly threaten the power of the party here.

I think CRISPR might actually fully liberalize the world in some ways. Tech like this seems like the antithesis of Right-wing, conservative scarcity scaremongering.

You can make kids that have genes that mean they can survive on less food and still grow up strong and healthy.

Ultimately, I genuinely do want to see this technology used to help people. Let's edit out the genes that make people predisposed to criminality. Let's edit out the genes for shit like Huntington's disease and all those other unfair dice rolls. I think it would do more good for the world if we use it to heal instead of advance, but we know how people are and we know what they will do.

It'll be a biological arms race that will bifurcate the human race and possibly lead the civil war down the line.

I will be checking my PMs weekly, so you can catch me there. I will not be posting.
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06-09-2019 10:59 PM
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